Thursday, 28 April 2011

People in Fantasyland 2

Continuing on this theme, let us look at other non-entity claims.  There are two brothers in Ellesmere Port, whom have had a reality blackout by believing that they are "gangsters!"  Their father, being equally delusional, did everything he could to try and have people believe his boys were "top villains"  He even went to the extent of writing to their "hero" Reg Kray, whilst he was in Maidstone Prison, proclaiming that his boys were going to be just like he and Ron!  To show how big time they were, they tried a ramraid, in a two door car, that activated some internal barriers in the store, that held the doors shut, trapping them inside, and giving the Police a good laugh.  Their deluded father put large notices over his house claiming that his boys had been fitted up by the horrible Police, and they were innocent victims of corrupt cops.  My father told me that somebody got fed up of this guy and gave him a working over with a golf club.  I wonder if he went crying to the men and women who "fitted up" his boys?