Sunday, 17 April 2011

The truth game (Continued)

The concept of truth, that little detail that criminals, liars & bullshitters deeply deplore, will never be the norm because the element of fantasy is too much to ignore as it enhances their "reputations!"  Let us start with the claims of Lenny Mclean.  How many people realise that he had only twelve unlicensed fights, and that he lost six of them. In four of them, he was knocked spark out.  Twice by Johnny Waldron, and twice by Cliff Fields.  Of course, when it came to his memoirs, he suffered a very understandable memory loss.  Boxing promoter Frank Warren was related to Mclean, and he stated that Mclean was nothing but a violent bully. 

     A man I delivered a parcel to, told me about his wife's ` uncle, a retied cockney living in Spain.  According to, this guy said that Mclean was nothing but a violent bully.  Sounds familiar?  There is a book called "Loadsamoney" about a counterfeiter who told a story to a friend about a tough guy.  It seems that Mclean battered some kid in a pub, and this tough nut went up to Mclean and threatened to give him a smack for what he did to the kid.  Mclean, according to, turned around and walked away without a word.  

    The story that he "fought" the barekuckle champion of the Mafia, has been claimed to be nothing but fiction.  The book "Tarmac Warrior" about an alleged gypsy fighter, has been said to me by a known writer to be nothing but fiction.  He said that the fighter only participated in some sparring with a fighter turned author, and the fighting stories are untrue.  Carlton Leach has apparently admitted that the "torture" scene in his book "Muscle" and the portrayal in the film "Rise of the footsoldier" never happened!  Well, wouldn`t this cast doubt on many things he has claimed to have done?  It puts his every word in doubt.  And, he is far from the only person to have claimed to have been involved in crimes of theft and violence, when they simply have made them up or immersed themselves into others stories.