Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Riots

Here we are again, thirty years on and a fresh outbreak of social unrest, or to put it straight, rioting. Once a wave of violence and lawlessness breaks out, there are always the retards ready to heap the blame on anything except the fact that is simply an excuse to reek havoc.  It is particularly galling to listen to the professional apologists offering the usual diet of bollocks, "The disenfranchised, the marginalised."  These braindead dickheads do not have the guts to say what it is, pure and simple.  Obviously to afraid to upset these "sensitive, outcast" troublemakers.  The call has been for troops to be put on the streets.  The last time that this occured was just after the First World War. in 1919.  This was the Police Strike in Liverpool.  As most police went on strike, violence and looting was rampant.  The Government sent in 2,500 soldiers to aid the Police that refused to strike.  Also, as a protective measure for the docks, a capital ship, the Battleship HMS Valiant, with it`s two destroyer escort, was moored in the River Mersey.  Tanks were also deployed as a deterrent.  Not much chance of that these days.    Must not upset the apologists.