Friday, 23 November 2012

People Not Fitting Their Image

Today I put an account about a man spoken of as some kind of hero, when the truth of the matter is the complete opposite of what is spoken of.  This man was given a "Heroic" image by that hero of the Prison system, Michael Peterson, or Bronson, as he is better known as.  The man in question Peterson refers to as a "Top Legend" & "Proper Hardman."  Of course in Ellesmere Port, this has produced howls of laughter. The man in question has a notorious reputation as a police informer, and has been hammered many times over the years, by the real tough nuts of the town.

    What can drive the police to speak up for a well-known hooligan & troublemaker?  Why do crimes committed by him suddenly cease to be crimes?  Why do they go to such lengths to protect him?  Why can he beat a man half to death with a baseball bat and the cowards in uniform refuse to arrest him for three days?  Why can he threaten a woman with a knife and a uniform turns up and basically intimidates her?  I can go on and on about this "Top Legend" but now I diversify into the "Proper Hardman" claim.  One day, this "Top Legend" wanted to attack my elderly father but before he could try anything, he spotted one of my elder brothers, who is the hardman in my family.  This "Proper Hardman" suddenly decided not to do anything.  No weapons, no Police protectors, all of a sudden, his bottle went.  One day, my brother-in-law stopped his truck, jumped out and confronted this "Top Legend" who did not have any weapons and no coppers to threaten for him, his response was to COWER!

    The elder brother of my B-I-L had once had a go at the "Top Legend" whom was begged not to beat him up!  Mick walked away in disgust at this so-called "Hardman."  The next time they clashed, Mick hit him and put him down, he stood back, let him get up and then promptly put him down again, where he chose to stay.  Mick did years later, get a grip of this "Legend" and warned him that if he ever went near my father again, he was going to put him in the ground.  No need to guess how he responded to that.  The eldest brother, Bill, has hammered this "Hardman" more than ten times, over the years.  He once growled at him in a chippie and this "Legend" literally ran out!  How did Bill react to this claim about the "Legend?"

    "He`s no fucking legend & he`s not even a hardman.  Does this man (Bronson) mention John Ackers?"  "No," I said, "Not even Terry Swan."  "Well," Bill said, "You can forget about anything he says.  HE KNOWS NOTHING.  When you talk about hardmen in this town, you START with John Ackers."  A real hard nut hammered the "Legend" all over a pub carpark after this hooligan made threats to this man and his father.  No reason.  Just because of the reputations they had.  Another very seriously hard man put him in hospital, after him and some of his mates wanted to jump this tough nut, and then the "legend" getting the opportunity to put a knife into him.  This "Legend" is also the most notorious knife merchant in the Port, yet for years he has walked around unmolested by the Police, most of the time he is tooled up.  However, this tough nut was prosecuted for putting the "Legend" in hospital.  No doubt the Police believed every lie from their top grass.  Somebody having the audacity to really harm their top man.  We cannot have that, can we?