Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Savile Affair Pt 2

More and more "revelations" keep emerging about alleged abuse by celebrities.  Glitter had been arrested and questioned, Freddie Starr has been arrested twice, but as there has been no trial or charges, you cannot comment.  As we do not know the truth of the allegation against Starr, I will say that he has publicly denied the allegation and obviously has not gone running to bullshit merchant Max Clifford, so he could be an innocent man, like Matthew Kelly.  Could be.

    Now the latest exclusive is against long deceased comedy actor, Leonard Rossitter.  The headline in the Sun, is actually misleading.  Rossitter was not accused of the abuse of a teenage extra, but as witnessing it, and allegedly enjoying watching it.  The alleged victim stated that three BBC staff tried to homosexually rape him and Rossitter, next to him, was having sex with someone, then it happened again, with Rossitter allegedly enjoying the spectacle.  This happened during a BBC play made back in 1968.  Why did the victim not go to the Police?  Was everything to do with the BBC deemed "too powerful" to go to the Police?  The victim says that he decided to come forward after the storm following the revelations of Savile.  I still believe he could have reported it to the authorities and even gone to the News of The World.  They would not have hesitated to investigate.  The victim said that the BBC was a "cesspool of depravity."  I wonder how much depravity has long been carried out by rings of pedophiles.  Maybe they being ordinary people is not headline enough?

    Talking amongst friends & colleagues, it is wondered just how many of these claims are true, and how many are false.  Exaggeration of situations, twisting the truth of a situation due to the current climate, did some willing get involved with these people, or are some claims pure invention?  Let us be honest, many women and girls will do anything to be with a "Celebrity"  Their public status does make them a magnet for women.  Look at how many murderers on Death Row get love letters.  Read the boasts of film and pop stars as to how many females they have bedded.  Having said that, this most certainly does not apply to all women.  

    The allegations against Savile were supposed to be well-known, as the recent revelations about the deceased former MP Cyril Smith, were public knowledge.  I cannot help but feel undecided about Leonard Rossitter, as he died in 1984, a long time ago, yet it takes all this time for an allegation to surface, and the article does not tell of Rossitter being the assailant, despite the headline.