Sunday, 9 December 2012

"Warrior. Your Cell is .....Ready!"

Thinking of the case of former Gladiator Mike Ahearne and the Liverpool cop Elmore "Fuck 'Em" Davies, reminded me of the time Ahearne brought his car into the accident repair centre, in Ellesmere Port, where I worked for more than ten years.  He drove in behind the wheel of a red Trans-Am Pontiac, and a Passat that was brought in by his bodyguard.  Strange that a man of the physique of Ahearne needed a minder, and that Ahearne worked as a doorman at a club on the Bromborough Industrial Estate.  I think it was at Fifth Avenue, or was at the Ritzy.  They are only about fifty yards apart.

    The minder was as big as Ahearne, but where as Ahearne was pumped up muscle, the minder was just bulk.  When he came to pick up his Passat, I drove it down to him.  Because of his size, the seat was lowered, and as I am not tall, I could just about see over the steering wheel.  A few years later, when the case broke about Ahearne , Davies & Curtis Warren, and the subsequent TV show "Mersey Blues" and the infamous outburst over Davies' rejection for promotion, brought a new catchphrase.  At this depot, I worked with a good few lads from Birkenhead, where Ahearne & Davies shared a flat, and every time one walked past you, there came the infamous Davies phrase of "Fuck 'Em!"  I heard from a couple of lads that Ahearne was useless as a doorman and was merely employed for his size.