Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pam Smart - Seductress

In 1990, the town of Derry, New Hampshire, was rocked by the murder of Greg Smart, and it seemed that Gregg had interrupted a burglary at his home.  He was found shot through the head in his ransacked house.  His wife, Pam, seemed to be somewhat unaffected by the tragedy but though it was noticed by Police, it was possible it was shock.  Some weeks later, the lead detective went to see Pam and arrested her for murder.  So what had transpired?

    Gregg Smart was an archetypal headbanger that loved rock music and though he did have his girlfriends, when he met Pam, the intense attraction was reciprocated, and a couple of years later, they wed.  However, Gregg made his first mistake when he joined his father in the insurance game.  Mistake that is, in the eyes of his wife, in that he had to get his long hair cut, to present a good image to prospective clients.  So whilst Gregg was working, she decided to get a job at a school.  She made a very quick impression on the teenage lads as she dressed provocatively.  One of these boys caught her eye, fifteen years old Billy Flynn.  Over a period of time she flirted with him and got closer to him.  Billy had longish hair and was a rocker, which appealed to Pam immensely.  Soon they were having sex wherever and whenever they could and as a teenager, Billy became infatuated with his twenty three year teacher.  Pam wanted sex in situations where they may get caught, and started that she wanted her husband out of the way.  No divorce for her, and the obvious problems it would have brought, she wanted Gregg dead.  Billy was hesitant to commit murder, even for his lover, but over time, Pam persuaded him, saying that if he loved her he would do it.

    Billy, like many teenagers, told his closest friends about his affair, and a cuople were brought into the plot;  Vance Lattime and Patrick Randall.  A girl also knew all about the plot, as she became a confidant to Pam.  Her name was Cecillia.  When it was time to carry out the plot, Vance Lattime supplied a gun, owned by his father.  Billy and Patrick were to do the deed.  Whilst Gregg was out, they ransacked the house and then waited.  When Gregg arrived home, he was grabbed and held at gunpoint.  Randall was supposed to cut Greggs` throat but could not go through with it.  Billy then, hesitantly pointed the gun at Greggs`head and eventually pulled the trigger.

    Some weeks into the investigation, Police received information that people were talking about the murder and some of the details.  Vance Lattimes` father thought that his gun may have been used, as it had been cleaned.  Arrests followed.  Cecillia was arrested and she spilled the beans on the entire story. She agreed to wear a wire and get Pam to make incriminating remarks, which she did, resulting in her arrest.  Pam, Billy Flynn, Patrick Randall & Vance Lattime stood trial.  Pam claimed that she had no knowledge that Billy wanted to kill her husband, but with overwhelming evidence, they were all convicted.  Pam received life without parole, Billy & Patrick forty years each and Vance, thirty years.  Another example of a spouse refusing to obtain a divorce and choosing murder instead.