Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gangs of Britain PT2

When you mention gangs in London, you immediately think of the Krays & the Richardsons, but if you take a step back and research, you. find that there were so many more.  From the fifties, there were the Butlers, running large scale theft from the docks, along with the Madden & Collins families.   Going slightly forward, you had the Copleys who had a dispute with the Porritt family, that resulted in George Porritt being convicted of Capital Murder, but was repreived one day before his execution. Over in South London, you had the Hennessy Brothers, Bernard, Peter & Micky.  Peter was involved in the big brawl that brought down the Richardson mob.  Others included the Smiths, Frenches, Tobins, Callaghans, Regans.  All kings of their terroritories.

    But into the seventies and eighties, more violent and criminal families emerged.  At the head of the pack were the Arifs, Turkish Cypriots involved in numerous crimes.  Armed robberies & drug smuggling were their speciality, which has resulted in some of the brothers being jailed.  Other big names that have followed include the Adams, Hiscocks, Hunts, Dalys, Whites, Colemans, Frasers & Brindles.  Two of the Adams` were jailed, one for drugs, and the other in an operation involving the security services. There have also been villains that have had major holds in their particular shere, Joe Wilkins, Joe Pyle, Fred Foreman, Frank Mifsud, Bernie Silver, Jimmy Humphreys.  There will be people you never hear about, as they manage to keep their heads below the parapet.  I wonder just who Fred Dineage was referring to when visiting "Super-villain" Ronnie Kray in Broadmoor.  A car pulled up and a guy sat in the back said "I run a lot of Londons` Underworld" which must have come as a bit of a shock to the likes of the Arifs & Adams`, and all the others, as this obviously implies they do not.  Hmmmm!