Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fred Krahe - Was He Bad?

Fred Krahe was one of the allegedly most corrupt cops in the history of Australian Law Enforcement.  It has been long alleged that he was a killer, extortionist, and out and out criminal.  He was born in 1919 and joined the New South Wales Police, in Sydney, in 1940.  It has been claimed that Krahe was the cop who refused entry to Australia in 1955, of London gang boss Billy Hill, who wanted to retire there.  Krahe was been rumoured to have murdered prostitute and madam, Shirley Brifman in 1972, a villain named Burton, campaigner Juanita Neilsen, and a cop under investigation for corruption.

    Sydney gang boss Lennie McPherson was allegedly heavily involved with Krahe, though he strongly denied the allegation.  The Varley- Burton gang, were car thieves who prolifically stole, rung and sold cars, making $1.5 million.  Varley alleged in court that Krahe took most of the money, along with another detective, Cyril Edwards.  But Varley claimed that Krahe dragged Burton away and shots rang out.  This was because Burton had stolen money due to Krahe.  The court found Varley guilty of manslaughter and he received a very heavy sentence, which he was extremely angry about for the rest of his days.  He later committed suicide.  Edwards was later found dead with a bullet to the head.

    Juanita Neilsen was a campaigner who mysteriously disappeared in 1975.  One claim was that Krahe and two others kidnapped her, gang raped her then killed her, though there has been no proof of this.  A cop under investigation was found with a supposedly self-inflicted fatal bullet wound.  Krahe was rumoured to have pulled the trigger.  Prostitute Shirley Brifman was co-operating with NSW & Queensland Police, saying that she paid protection money to Krahe, that he was extorting from other brothels, abortionists, and that she relied on Krahe to protect her from "Standover Men".  These are extortionists who rob other criminals of their ill-gotten gains.  In this country, they were long called "Thieves Ponces".  Shirley was found dead, supposedly from a barbiturate overdose, but Krahe allegedly forced the pills down her throat.  Krahe died in 1972.