Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Murder of Gurcham Landa

Another unsolved murder was that of Gurcham Landa, a 33 years old Taxi driver and father of eight, from Nottingham.  It was on 14th August 1982 that he recived a call to pick up a client from Peel Street called "Shelton" whom had phoned from a payphone.  He was working through the night.  It was speculated that he may have picked up a fare on the way, and at 4.05am, a woman in Cyprus Road, in the Mapperley area of Nottingham, was awoken by the sound of a car suddenly braking.  The car statred rocking as if a great struggle was taking place inside the car, and she witnessed a man searching around the dashboard of the vehicle.  She immediately called the Police and then went out to the car.  The man had gone and Mr Landa had been subjected to a brutal and appalling attack.  Mr Landa died shortly after the Police arrived on the scene.

    Autopsy showed that Mr Landa had been stabbed 87 times!  During the investigation, Police had arrested eleven people in connection with the crime but all were later released without charge. The case was reopened in 2012.  What can we deduce from this case?  Obviously it had to be robbery, but to stab somebody 87 times for money is a massive overkill.  Why? Straight away you think of familiarity with the victim and this was simply to obliterate him through rage, or was it somebody suffering mental health problems?  Could it have been racial hatred, and it just happened to be him?  Nobody should ever get away with murder.