Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cindy George & The Murder of Jeff Zack

This coupling  between a former beauty contestant, wife of a wealthy businessman and a former scrap metal man went more like the plot of a soap opera, than a headline making scandal.  Cindy George came from humble beginnings but her life changed when she met successful restaurant owner, Ed George.  The owner of the highly successful Tangiers Restaurant in Akram, Ohio, was much older than Cindy but this did not deter them and they wed and raised a large family.

    But years later, and as is the way of the world, whilst her husband was a self-confessed workaholic, which provided her with the lifestyle she was now used to, she began a ten year affair with a man called Jeff Zack, a married man with two kids, whom had flirtations with the Israeli Military, a scrap metal business and other ventures.  But unknown to Zack, she began an affair with a man named John Zaffino.   Zack was said to have been hassling George over their relationship.  Did Zack want to make it permanent?  Zaffino had told friends, that a guy was harassing his girlfriend, which he was not happy about.

    On June 16th 2001, Zack pulled into a service station to fill up his car, when a motorcycle pulled alongside, the rider wearing a full face helmet and dark visor, pulled out a gun and shot Zack in the head, before racing away.  Examining Zacks` family life and background, brought the affair with George into the open, and then Zaffino.  Zaffino was arrested and charged with the murder of Jeff Zack.  The Police had plenty of evidence against Zaffino.  The Jury were out for four hours but it was revealed that the Jury had taken only one hour to decide Zaffino`s guilt and the other three debating why George had not been charged. To be honest, this was not the job of the Jury.  They had to judge Zaffino as he was the one on trial.  It was the job of the Police and District Attorney to put George on trial.  Zaffino received Life in 2003.  Cindy George went on trial in 2005 and was found Guilty by the Judge and sentenced to 23 years imprisonment.  This was overturned in 2007 and she was released.  The evidence was overwhelmingly circumstantial but did not directly implicate her, hence the quashing of her conviction.  In 2008, the Supreme Court refused to rule on the reversal of the Judge`s verdict, effectively closing the case.  Ed George steadfastly stands loyally beside his wife.  Cindy George continues to live the high life courtesy of her husband, and their solid belief in Catholicism did not stop her betraying him. John Zaffino has refused to point the finger at her.  Has she gotten away with murder?  Only she and Zaffino can truly answer that.