Friday, 26 July 2013

Morris Frampton - Brutal Killer

Morris Frampton is not a name to conjure up nightmares about rampant killers like Bundy & Gacy, but he was every bit as dangerous as this infamous duo.  The trail to Frampton started on the morning of August 9th 1977, when a call went into the Police about a dead body.  It was found at South Park Marina, and was a truly shocking sight for the cops, including detective Bob Keppel.  The victim was nude, had been strangled with a thin ligature, but what shocked the cops, was the level of physical violence on the victim.  She had been beaten extremely sadistically, way beyond the level anybody had ever seen.

    Enquiries revealed that the victim was a prostitute named Rosemary Stuart, who also used the name Park.  She was born in either 1950 or 1951, as she also used two birth dates.  She had a lengthy criminal record, everything was for prostitution.  Police now had a savage killer on the loose and were bracing themselves for more bodies, as the body was deliberately posed, with her legs splayed, for maximum shock effect.  A tip came in that a man was seen at a garage with blood over him. A description  was issued, along with the fact that he drove a 1969 Dodge Charger.  Next began the arduous task of tracing owners of `69 Dodge Chargers.  Two officers on patrol pulled over a `69 Dodge Charger for a traffic violation, which gave them the opportunity to look the car over.  They found some bloodstains, so they placed the driver, Morris Frampton, under arrest.  Now they started searching his car, his home, and evidence was building up against Frampton.  He was what became known as an "Overkill" murderer.  He was convicted and jailed.

    During the Stuart enquiry, another murder had occurred which bore many of the characteristics of the Stuart murder.  The Coroner had deduced that the murder had occurred a week before the Stuart murder.  This was a black prostitute named Iantha Buchanan.  Her body was displayed nude and posed for shock effect.  She had been beaten sadistically exactly like Rosemary Stuart.  Bob Keppel believed that the same man was responsible for both murders.  However, Frampton was cleared of the Iantha Buchanan killing.  He did many years later admit to another murder, and gave authorities information.  It seems that he has not been charged with this crime, so he is listed as having just the one victim.  Frampton  may have committed more murders, but prostitutes come and go, move on or mysteriously vanish.  It would be a total nightmare for Police to work out how many had been killed.