Monday, 8 July 2013

Tony "Gang Boss" Lambrianou

This man who became known as the "Keeper of The Krays Flame" certainly did live in fantasyland and very quick to come up fantastic tales of his "escapades" in the criminal underworld.   One person referred to him as "The biggest fannying bastard of them all!"  This is the man whose autobiography makes him look such a high profile villain, and missed out on the opportunity to take over the underworld in at least half of the cities in the country.

    Yet, this staunch villain who stood by his friends and said nothing, and received fifteen years in jail as a result, DID make a statement to Police, after the trial, in which he demolished the claims he later made about himself.  He said that he only became involved with the Krays shortly before the murder of Jack Mcvitie, and not a few years before as he claimed.  He also said in his statement that his family were threatened with harm if he spoke out.  Hmmm!  Again, demolishes the total ass kissing he does of the Krays.

    He told of he and his brother, with the Kray name behind them, were going to take over numerous cities in England.  He claimed that in 1964, they took over Blackpool.  I have problems believing that, as no matter who you are or think you are, there are people you just cannot push around.  Apart from a couple of villainous or fighting families, and some nasty individual villains and their associates, the power in Blackpool, was the Walsh Family.  The "Gang Boss" makes no mention of whether the Walshes were under their control.   After all, Mitzi Walsh once hammered six coppers then got him put away, I cannot see him being bothered by two brothers, one clearly in cloud cuckoo land!  He also mentions that they were intending to take over Liverpool and Manchester.  Pause for laughter.  Plus five other cities.  Charlie Siega mentions some Londoners sniffing about but leaving.

    Then we come to the murder of Mcvitie.  His brother, Chris, tells of asking him straight out if he set up Mcvitie. The "Gang Boss" did not answer, but changed the subject.  Lennie Hamilton tells of being told by Ronnie Bender(He was there so received 20 years) that Mcvitie did not try to dive through the window as was claimed, nor did he punch the window out as Lambrianou claimed, but was struggling with Ronnie Hart and Lambrianou, and his elbow hit the window, breaking it.  They held him for Kray to stab.

    After release from jail, he obviously saw the potential for exploiting their name, claiming that they were not bullies, they were not thieves ponces, were fair people and were Robin Hood characters.   Best fiction award he should have won.  Professional criminals ARE bullies, the Krays WERE the biggest thieves ponces in London - they did not have the courage to rob for themselves - and as for Robin Hoods!  They were also not the super-villains some portray them as.  They had two crooked businessmen doing the frauds for them.  Leslie Payne & Freddie Gore.  That is how clever they weren`t.

    The murder of Frank Mitchell was carried out by Freddie Foreman & Alf Gerrard.  Foreman has admitted it, but strangely, despite the revoking of the 800 years old Double Jeopardy law, he has never faced charges for Mitchell & Tommy Marks.  Lambrianou claimed Foreman was the "Most wrongly maligned man".  Strange remarks for a multiple killer and disposer of bodies.  "Solid family man" was the pompous crap from the "Gang Boss".  Lambrianou blamed Billy Exley for the murder of Mitchell!  When Foreman publicly confessed to killing Mitchell, did Lambrianou stand up and say, "I wrongly blamed a dead man for somebody else`s crime, simply to excuse Foreman?"  No.  He kept his mouth firmly shut.  (Exley died just after the trial)

    If he thought he was a big villain, when arrested in Birmingham with his brother, the "Gang Boss" meekly went quietly.  I have seen photos of the arrest.  He did not put up any resistance.  What a fucking joke!