Wednesday, 31 July 2013

James Griffiths - Demented Gunman

James Griffiths went on a murderous gun rampage after two Glasgow cops went to question him over the alibi of an arrested man in a notorious murder case.  Griffiths hailed from the textile town of Rochdale where he graduated to crime at an early age, getting involved in armed robbery and safe breaking.  Incarcerated in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight, he did not make friends in there, due to his excessive boasting.  He shared a cell with a scot, soon to be infamous butler & serial killer, Archibald Hall.  He did make friends with well known Glasgow villain Patrick Meehan.  Griffiths actually managed to escape from Parkhurst, reached the mainland, but was recaptured some hours later.  When released, Griffiths was invited up to Glasgow by the now released Meehan.  

    Events turned very ugly on July 6th 1969, when two men burst into the Ayr home of elderly Abraham & Rachel Ross, torturing the couple into revealing the whereabouts of all their valuables.  Mrs Ross died.  Police had an immediate suspect in Meehan, as they knew he had been in the area that night.  When arrested, Meehan remained silent.  Meehan was identified by Mr Ross as one of the assailants.  Now facing a murder charge, Meehan told his alibi.  He and Griffiths, he said, were on their way to Stranraer to look over a Post Office they intended to rob.  He told them where Griffiths was living.  Two cops went to speak to Griffiths over the alibi, but events were to go horribly wrong.

    The Police went to 29 Holyrood Crescent on July 15th, but as they approached, Griffiths saw them and opened fire with a shotgun.  One of the retreating officers was shot in the back.  From his window, he opened fire at anybody that moved.  He went out to his car and removed a rifle from the car, along with ammunition belts.  He then went through his attic window and over the roofs to escape.  In Henderson Street, he came upon James Kerr in his Ford Anglia, where he fired a shot to scare him, dragged him from his car and drove off in it, firing at pedestrians.  He crashed in Carnbrae Street, and so went into the Toll Bar pub, scattering the customers and screaming that he had already shot two cops.  Grabbing a bottle and drinking, an elderly man, Bill Hughes, made a small movement, to which Griffiths shot him.  Mr Hughes died.  But the barman, Jim Connelly, called Griffiths a dirty bastard for shooting an old man, and actually grappled Griffiths and threw him out of the pub!  Before he could retaliate, he heard sirens approaching.

    Lorry driver John Craig had innocently pulled up near the pub, when shots rang out and he saw Griffiths running towards him firing.  He jumped out and ran, and tried to hide behind a lamp-post, with Griffiths aiming shots at him.  He then drove off in the lorry but he kept firing at anybody.  He turned towards the Springburn district.  He drove into Kay Street but found it a dead end.  The cops were closing in.  He broke into a flat in Kay Street, and then started firing at anybody.  A baby was in a pram with bullets flying around until somebody managed to pull it to safety.  An eight year old girl, in a playground was wounded, as was a newly married 18 year old woman.  Her husband went to attack Griffiths but was pulled back.  A man who had just come out of hospital after being stabbed, was hit in the neck.  Armed Police had swarmed into the Street and it was mooted to bring in the Army to deal with him.  Two cops had managed to make their way into the block of flats, and poked a gun through the letterbox.  Griffiths saw it and run to the door.  The cop fired, wounding Griffiths, and they burst in to overpower him.  He died from his wound by the time he had been brought down to the street.

    With this, the alibi for Meehan had collapsed and he was convicted for the murder of Rachel Ross.  He spent seven years in jail before his conviction was overturned on appeal, led by a campaign organised by leading Glasgow solicitor Joe Beltrami.  The killers of Rachel Ross have never been apprehended.  Griffiths lies in an unmarked paupers grave.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Royston Jackson - Double Murderer

This man is one of that group that are deemed to dangerous to be released.  He carried out two savage murders that really had no motive.  He was also identified through DNA of a brutal rape of a woman in 1989.  She moved away to rebuild her life and did not want any part of the trial that he eventually faced.  Jackson committed his first murder in April 1989.  His victim was 16 year old Steven Raven, a young man who worked alongside Jackson.  It emerged that Steven Raven had been threatened by Jackson, even with murder.  Jackson was known by a good number of people as a bully and was violent.  On April 29th 1989, a body was discovered in a lane near Dagenham in Essex.  It had been subjected to extreme violence.  It had also been driven over by a car.  Disturbingly, his clothes had been dishevelled and rearranged.  Jackson was arrested, charged and convicted.  He was 23 years old.  He was given life and served sixteen years before being released.

    Jackson emerged from prison in 2006 and moved to Norwich.  He befriended an old man by the name of Gordon Boon, who was on licence for sex offences against his own daughters.  In October 2008, a body was found badly beaten.  The victim was Gordon Boon.  National newspapers picked up on the story and typically ran headlines about a paedophile getting murdered.  Yes, it would be very difficult to be sympathetic to a dead sex offender, but murder is one of the most serious of crimes.  His murderer, was not only a killer beforehand, but he was also a rapist.  That made him a sex offender as well.  Police acquired evidence, through cctv and forensics, plus dismantling Jacksons` alibi, and this secured his conviction.  He made no attempt to defend himself in court.  When given a whole life sentence, he was not bothered at all.  One of the cops who helped put this psycho away, said that if he is ever released, he WILL kill again.

    What was the motive?  Dr. Kerry Daynes believed Jackson got great sexual gratification through brutality.  Some suggestions put it down to being violent after sex.  Jackson openly admitted to being bisexual.  Yet why would Steven Raven get involved with a man who threatened him with violence?  My belief is, like a bully he targeted weaker people, and did what he did for gratification and simply because he felt like it.  A very dangerous man.

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Madness of Diana Dial

Murderers have long given various excuses for committing heinous acts and have given truly bizarre defences that beggared belief.  Yet, the reasons Diana Dial gave for killing Jack Ferris, whilst simply bizarre and unbelievable, she truly did believe them.  It showed the extent of her total separation from reality.  She believed that she was being hunted by nazi spies, was being kept under surveillance by enemies with the approval of the White House!  She also believed she was working with the CIA to combat these enemies.

    The start of her mental breakdown began in 1979.  She had married her long time love, George Gallow, and had two children.  But a miscarriage triggered off her breakdown.  She started believing she had been targeted by a woman called Sheryl Thompson, who with friends with enemies in the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, publishers, you name it, they were part of it.  She made her children wear bracelets that were supposed to ward off evil, protect them from the nazis, etc.  After this, her husband filed for divorce.  Diana changed her surname to Dial.  She then went through a phase known as Hypergraphia, which is compulsive letter writing.  She fired them off constantly, to politicians, Police, FBI, the White House, etc, about her being hunted by assassins.  She had a room-mate named Jack Ferris, whom one day she pointed a gun at and shot dead.  Then she calmly called the Police.  Put on trial, she was sentenced to 60 years to life, which is very strange as she is very, very clearly, completely delusional.  She told Dr. Michael Stone that Ferris was one of her pursuers!  She also claimed that these pursuers were responsible for the Oklahoma bombing and had framed Timothy McVeigh!  She truly believed everything she said.  She did not duck any of Dr Stone's questions, did not falter anything she said, and would have been stated as being truthful.  Her body language screamed "She is telling the truth!"  She should be in a secure hospital.

The Julia Wallace Murder

Celebrated mystery writer Raymond Chandler labelled it "The Unbeaten Case".  It has been the subject of a number of books, and inspired a number of TV & film interpretations, and had a broadcast about the case on local Liverpool radio station Radio City in 1981, fifty years after the event.  In this, broadcaster Roger Wilkes named a suspect for the first time.  This suspect had died a year before, so Roger Wilkes was in no danger of our libel laws.  He wrote a highly praised book with material from the show.

    This case ranks along with the Black Dahlia, The Zodiac and Jack the Ripper,as the greatest mysteries of our times.  Everybody has their theories and hypothesis, and this case is no exception.  So what happened?  It was January 1931, in the Anfield district of Liverpool, and insurance clerk for the Prudential Assurance Company, Herbert Wallace had a message for him at his chess club that a Mr R. M. Qualtrough wished to discuss business with him at his home in Menlove Gardens East.  Wallace had been married to his wife Julia, for sixteen years and lived a steady though hardly comfortable existence.  Wallace was tall, gaunt and dressed rather a bit old fashioned, was labelled stoic, and in the latter part of his fifties.  His wife was around the same age.  He received the message from his colleague at his chess club on January 19th and went to see Mr Qualtrough the following night.

    Wallace had difficulty locating Menlove Gardens East.  There were Menlove Gardens North, South & West, but no East.  He spent some time trying some addresses, asking people, but could not find this street.  He returned home to find his wife dead, suffering massive blunt trauma.  The Police some days later suspected Wallace of the murder, after one suspect, named by Wallace, was cleared of suspicion.  On February 2nd, Wallace was arrested, after enquiries had thrown considerable doubt on his alibi, and Police believed he still had time to commit the murder.  No motive was ever found.  Wallace was put on trial in Liverpool on April 22nd, was convicted and sentenced to death.

    An appeal was launched and it was allowed, freeing Wallace, yet bizarrely, the Police refused to reopen the case.  Wallace was regarded by many as having gotten away with murder, and eventually he moved over to the Wirral.  He died in February 1933 at Clatterbridge Hospital.  If Wallace was innocent, then who did it?  As early as 1934, a book hinted at a suspect but obviously could not name him.  Highly respected crime writer Jonathan Goodman, whom was a guest on the Roger Wilkes broadcast, confronted this man at his home in 1966, but he denied any involvement.  He died on April 14th 1980.  Roger Wilkes named him on his show.  His name was Richard Gordon Parry.  He was named by Wallace, but he had an alibi.  He was with a woman who said they were together at the time of the murder. Two years later, this woman threatened to disprove the alibi of Parry, saying that they were NOT together at the time.  This woman was named Lily Lloyd.  She refused to speak to Roger Wilkes when he did his investigation.  There was subsequent suppression of evidence by Police that would have extremely damaging to the prosecution.  After the Wilkes broadcast, Merseyside Police refused to release the files on the case and the Home Office declined to get involved.

    This is a very complex case with so many twists and turns that it would take so long to cover everything. There are the "Wallace is guilty" camps and the "Wallace is innocent" camps.  What one can state as proof, can also be used as alibi.  There are the theories that Wallace had Parry and a man named Marsden commit the murder. Another has Mrs Wallace paying Parry & Marsden for sex.  Again, nothing positive to back it up.  A very good forum to look at is "Yo Liverpool".  Type in Julia Wallace and you will find extensive theories between posters.  As Chandler said, "The Wallace case is unbeaten. It will always be unbeaten".

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Jerome Caminada - A Real-life Sherlock Holmes

Way back in the latter part of the nineteenth century Manchester did have it`s own equivalent of Conan Doyle`s legendary sleuth.  This was one Jerome Caminada, who amassed an incredible arrest record that is probably unsurpassed.  He was a detective who used intelligence gathered as a weapon against criminals and developed an enviable network of informants.  He also was brought up in the areas he worked so he knew the people and how they thought.  He was a virtual pioneer in undercover work where he would adopt numerous disguises to mingle with the criminal elements.  One trait he learned growing up in the rough areas of Manchester was how to use his fists, and it stood him in good stead when confronted by violent villains.

    Caminada was born in Peter Street in 1844 to Italian immigrant parents, where his father was a clock and watch maker, but they were frequently like many families; short of money.  But Caminada always stayed on the right of the law, and upon leaving school, St Mary`s Catholic school, he found work at an engineering firm in Failsworth.  He was one of the lucky children to receive an education at that time.  At the age of 23, he quit his job to join the Manchester Police Force, in 1868.  He was one of 31 men that joined the same day, but after a couple of years, most had fell by the wayside through poor wages and working conditions, plus drunkenness on duty was a big problem.

   He tackled domestic quarrels, drunks and everything that is thrown at the old time beat officer.  One day, he answered a scream of "murder" and found a very large and overweight prostitute known as "Fat Martha" with stab wounds.  She had stolen a roast joint so the angry man of the house had stabbed her.  Caminada summoned assistance and used a large wooden rack as a makeshift stretcher, but the hospital would not take her in, owing to her "Job".  They then had to take her to a workhouse but she awoke when they arrived and got up and quickly went off, not wanting to go in the workhouse.  Caminada quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant, and then went into the detective Division.  He studied law and how to conduct himself in court.

    Caminada was involved in Police operations against the then terrorists of the "Fenian Society" that was prevalent at that time.  In fact, he travelled abroad on terrorist cases, which was virtually unheard of then.  There were also anarchist movements who held weekly meetings in public.  He went and arrested agitators despite the huge crowds.  He also eradicated the "Quack" doctors, charging extortionate fees foe useless remedies.  He worked around the north west, tracking villains, one in particular, was a violent burglar called Bob Horridge, who had shot and wounded a fellow officer.  He traced him to Liverpool where he arrested him but only after putting a gun to his head, after Horridge reached for a gun.

    One big arrest he led was to a house that was hosting a party for men only, which was advertised as a "Fancy Dress Ball".  When they raided it, men were dressed as women, dancing together, and indulging in "acts".  Homosexuality was a serious crime with heavy sentences.  All had to appear before the magistrate.  Caminada retired in 1899 after 31 years and he worked afterwards in property, then as a private investigator, then into local politics.  He died in 1914.  He really was a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

When The Krays Came to Liverpool

One largely untold story of how one of "The most powerful gangs in Europe" tried their hand in Liverpool but were knocked back.  Not by local villains but by just one cop.  Detective Inspector John Ralphson was told about a fire at a club in Leigh in Greater Manchester, just after a visit by London gang, The Krays.  He was told that a club in Liverpool was their next target.  DI Ralphson called the owner of the club and filled him in with what he had heard, and to get a message to him as soon as they arrive.

    Ralphson was supervising the movement of bullion to Lime Street Station and had been issued with a revolver.  A message came to him from the cub owner.  The Krays had arrived.  Ralphson hurried over to the club and found the Krays with a huge minder.  He was told by Reg Kray that they were discussing business and that it was none of his business.  He replied that they were to get out of Liverpool and not come back.  Kray suggested a quiet place to talk it over, and so they went to a telephone kiosk at the back of the club.  That was how phone set-ups were back then.  Kray offered a weekly bribe if Ralphson turned a blind eye.  His response was to put the gun he had on him, under the chin of Kray and told him that he, his brother and their minder had better go or else.  They went.  Later, the Lambrianou brothers tried to get a hold in Liverpool, and the "Gang Boss" claimed they were going to take over the city.  I know that this had produced howls of laughter, particularly in Liverpool, and shows how much of an inventive mind Lambrianou had.  Charlie Siega remembers them being in the city but leaving shortly afterwards.  Can you imagine the extremely tough and violent doormen in Liverpool being scared of them?  Yeah right.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Morris Frampton - Brutal Killer

Morris Frampton is not a name to conjure up nightmares about rampant killers like Bundy & Gacy, but he was every bit as dangerous as this infamous duo.  The trail to Frampton started on the morning of August 9th 1977, when a call went into the Police about a dead body.  It was found at South Park Marina, and was a truly shocking sight for the cops, including detective Bob Keppel.  The victim was nude, had been strangled with a thin ligature, but what shocked the cops, was the level of physical violence on the victim.  She had been beaten extremely sadistically, way beyond the level anybody had ever seen.

    Enquiries revealed that the victim was a prostitute named Rosemary Stuart, who also used the name Park.  She was born in either 1950 or 1951, as she also used two birth dates.  She had a lengthy criminal record, everything was for prostitution.  Police now had a savage killer on the loose and were bracing themselves for more bodies, as the body was deliberately posed, with her legs splayed, for maximum shock effect.  A tip came in that a man was seen at a garage with blood over him. A description  was issued, along with the fact that he drove a 1969 Dodge Charger.  Next began the arduous task of tracing owners of `69 Dodge Chargers.  Two officers on patrol pulled over a `69 Dodge Charger for a traffic violation, which gave them the opportunity to look the car over.  They found some bloodstains, so they placed the driver, Morris Frampton, under arrest.  Now they started searching his car, his home, and evidence was building up against Frampton.  He was what became known as an "Overkill" murderer.  He was convicted and jailed.

    During the Stuart enquiry, another murder had occurred which bore many of the characteristics of the Stuart murder.  The Coroner had deduced that the murder had occurred a week before the Stuart murder.  This was a black prostitute named Iantha Buchanan.  Her body was displayed nude and posed for shock effect.  She had been beaten sadistically exactly like Rosemary Stuart.  Bob Keppel believed that the same man was responsible for both murders.  However, Frampton was cleared of the Iantha Buchanan killing.  He did many years later admit to another murder, and gave authorities information.  It seems that he has not been charged with this crime, so he is listed as having just the one victim.  Frampton  may have committed more murders, but prostitutes come and go, move on or mysteriously vanish.  It would be a total nightmare for Police to work out how many had been killed.  

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sex Shops - The Myth

One place I deliver to as part of my job, is a sex shop.  Recently, I decided to ask the staff if the long thought of spectre of the "Man in a raincoat" has any truth to it.  One young woman said it was a myth and that they have never had any dodgy looking characters in the shop.  She said that it was couples  wanting to experiment, singles wanting to surprise their partners, men after viagra, but they do have males looking at the dvds for some time but not buying them.   It must have been their way of getting their jollies!

     I remember years back when a small sex shop opened in Ellesmere Port town centre, and it provoked the usual hysterical response from the local newspaper.  The council went in and shut it down.  The local rag cried that such a shop could bring "Seedy looking characters" into the area. My comment was that if they want "seedy looking characters", look no further than the local council!  Then they brought up that bugbear that seems to justify their reasons.  "A school was nearby".  Oh yes, some pervert comes into the area, and to boost his testosterone levels, a quick nip into the adult shop before he makes his way to the school.  I say "What a load of bollocks!"  Paedophiles are that way inclined in the first place, though we never hear how many teachers have been exposed as child sex offenders or have the preference for schoolgirls.  A child pervert will want to get his jollies from child porn but that WILL provoke trouble if a small shop was actually stocking it!  There are people who blame Sigmund Freud for the sexual hangups that has blighted society for generations, particularly with the theory that many men wanted to do their mothers!  The oedipus complex.  However, the "Seedy characters" do not need an adult shop, they just need a computer!!

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Diappearance of Jackie Markham

The strange disappearance of a trucking company boss has baffled her family and Police since 14th December 2000.  It was initially believed that she was the victim of suspected serial killer Ross Lane Emerson, but he committed suicide in his prison cell.  Jackie Markham, a 51 year old trucking company boss, had just arrived home from picking items up from her local drugstore, in the town of Callahan.  But her boyfriend, Archie Carroll, says he received a phonecall saying that a man called Richard had turned up at her home, and he was drunk.  He said that he would come over straight away.  But when he showed up, she was nowhere to be seen.  Her car was still in the garage.  Her children and the Police were informed and a search began, with her family putting flyers out all over the state of Florida.

    Police were initially suspicious of Carroll, and so carried out a thorough investigation into him but eventually cleared him.  Other people of interest were looked at but cleared.  Months later, her purse was found by a small town nearly forty miles away, which baffled detectives as it looked like it had been put in a place to be found.  Over time, two bodies were found, both women, but they were not Jackie.  These two were soon believed to have been the work of a man living close to where the purse was found; Ross Lane Emerson.  He had drifted and done odd jobs all over the area, including near Callahan.  He admitted that the two deceased women were down to him, but denied anything to do with the disappearance of Jackie Markham.  Over time, he sent letters to the Chief of Police stating again that he had nothing to do with her disappearance.  Not long afterwards, he committed suicide in jail.  Both the Chief and the family believe that Emerson did not have any connection to the case.

    Thirteen years on, nothing has emerged to give the family closure.  She was not the sort to just vanish and abandon her children and grandchildren.  There was no signs of violence or a struggle in her home, her car was still there.  It is still a truly baffling mystery.  Maybe one day her family will receive the closure they need.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Peter Moore - Serial Killer

Peter Moore, the North Wales serial killer, who was one of those poor bastards who complained to the European Court of Human Rights that his "Human Rights" were being violated.  Let us not forget that this sicko permanently violated the civil & human rights of four men.  Not that you will hear scumbag civil liberties groups screaming for the victims.  That never happens.  Moore, born in 1940, was known as "The Man in Black" due to the way he dressed all the time, managed a couple of cinemas in North Wales.  His four victims were killed within a four month period, from September to December 1995.

    His first victim was 56 year old Henry Roberts from Anglesey, stabbed to death in September.  The next month he stabbed Edward Garthy, 28, in Clocoenag Forest after meeting him in a gay bar.  The next victim was 49 year old Keith Randles, whom he stabbed on the A5 road.  His last victim was 40 year old Tony Davies, whom he murdered on Pensarn Beach at Abergele in December 1995.

    Put on trial, he claimed that the murders were comitted bya man called "Jason" but the jury did not believe him and he was lifed off.  He was given a whole life tariff but fought against it twice.  The first time it was rejected but along with two other multiple murderers, he went to the ECOHR, who were very sympathetic to them, saying that they must be given a review after twenty five years.  Oh the poor bastards!  Hang on, let`s ask how the victims feel? What`s that? we can`t, because they are dead and buried.  Pause for great thought there. Mary Riddell.

The Murder of Sara Cameron

The murder of Sara Cameron in North Tyneside went unsolved for four years until a routine DNA swab found a match on the national database.  23 years old Sara, a multi-lingual student was out celebrating on Good Friday 21st April 2000, as she was going to the Sydney Olympics but tragically, this was not to be.  Her body was found the next morning in a field close to her home in Earsdon.  Police took nearly 2500 phone calls but none led to the killer.  They also did a large scale DNA screening but this did not lead them to the guilty party.  The case ran cold.

    In 2004, a bus driver, Michael Robinson, was routinely swabbed by Police after being arrested for trying to kick a door in.  This produced a match for DNA from the body of Miss Cameron.  Robinson had suddenly upped sticks and moved right down to Newhaven in East Sussex, almost 400 miles away.  Robinson consistently denied anything to do with the murder but eventually confessed.  He stalked Miss Cameron after she got off the Tyneside Metro and attacked her from behind, as she was almost at her home.  He dragged her into a field and attempted sexual assault but then strangled her.  His defence lawyer said that his client was drunk.  How many times have you got rat-arsed and decided to attack a woman?  Exactly!  For some twisted reason, it has to be in you in the first place.  Robinson was given a miimum of eighteen years.  No doubt Mary Riddell will think this is inhuman, par for the course that in eighteen years time, he can walk about whilst Sara Cameron will never.

Jeffrey & Jill Erikson

This modern day Bonnie & Clyde emulated their screen & real life heroes by dying in a hail of bullets.  But the only difference being is that their deaths were self-inflicted.  Jeffrey Erikson was a former marine were he became a marksman, then enrolled in the Police Department, but supposedly did not make the grade.  His family said he was too soft on making arrests, that he did not like ruining peoples` lives.  He then opened a used bookshop and was doing well with it.  He was in his early thirties.  His wife, Jill, 27, was a lab technician, and studying for a degree in a local college.

    In early 1991, a series of bank robberies occurred around Chicago and it`s suburbs, in which a man with an obvious false beard, drew a gun and threatened to kill them if they did not comply.  A Police Officer was shot and wounded by a man when he made a traffic stop.  This man turned out to be Erikson.  The hunt for the robber was led by the FBI.  After each robbery, an abandoned Japanese car was found not far from the scene, so patrols were stepped up for any Japanese cars left parked and checking if the ignition had been removed.  One day, such a car was found and so it was staked out.  A van pulled by it and a man got into it, but it was quickly surrounded by armed officers.  Twice, he was going to reach for a gun but eventually raised his hands.  However, the van sped off and a pursuit started, lasting for miles, in which shots were repeatedly fired from the van.  POlice managed to shoot out the rear tyres, but the van turned into what was a dead-end, it turned around and headed for the Police who had blocked the entrance.  Police opened fire and the van crashed, then a solitary shot rang out. The driver was Jill Erikson.  She was pronounced dead, a few hours later.

    Jeff Erikson stood trial for eight robberies but when being transferred from the courthouse, he had managed to acquire a key that opened his handcuffs, then he snatched a gun from one of the guards, and shot the other guard, Roy Frakes, dead.  Running from the building, he ran into former cop and court security officer, Harry Benuomini, whom he shot in the chest.  But the officer returned fire hitting Erikson.  Erikson, it is said, then shot himself dead.

    What about the Eriksons?  They lived in the Hanover Park suburb of Chicago but did not mix with their neighbours, preferring to ride motorbikes during the night.  Jill Erikson was having mental health issues and was on prozac.  According to Jeff, she also drank when taking her pills and could turn aggressive, but said that mostly she was very calm.  When the FBI  searched their home, they found a considerable arsenal of weaponry and ammunition.  In the vcr was a tape of the film "Bonnie & Clyde" and it was set at the moment of their demise.  They wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Eddie "Popeye" Egan & Sonny Grosso

These two legendary New York cops are famous for breaking up the so-called "French Connection" that actually happened way back in 1961.  The drug problem was certainly nowhere near as entrenched as it became in the late 60`s and into the seventies.  The seizure was of 112 lbs of heroin which was a record amount at the time.  The subsequent film of it was extremely fictionalised because Egan, Grosso and their colleagues spent much of their time on surveillance.

    Edward Walter Egan was born in New York on the 3rd January 1930 and his ambition was to be a cop, and not only did he become one of "New York`s Finest" but he also achieved a great reputation.  The "French Connection" made him and Grosso and as such, in later years, they appeared in films whilst still as cops.  Egan played Gene Hackman`s supervisor in the film.  Hackman went out on patrol with Egan and observed how he worked amongst the addicts.  He uses one of Egans` methods at the start of the film.  "Picking your toes and playing kipsy" was something he said to unsettle addicts and villains.

    A film about him was brought out in 1973 entitled "Badge 373" starring Robert Duvall.  He retired from the NYPD and went into films and TV, before retiring to Florida in 1994. A year later he succumbed to cancer.  He is survived by his four children, two half-sisters and his fiancee.

    Salvatore "Sonny" Grosso was born in Dusseldorf, around 1932/33, and he became a detective in the NYPD, partnered with Egan.  Roy Scheiders` character "Buddy Russo" was based on Grosso.  Scheider did another tough cop film called "The Seven-ups" which was based on files Grosso was said to have come across in the NYPD archives, about a small unit dedicated to tackling certain villains.  After retiring from the force, he became a big time film and TV producer with numerous credits to his name.

Fair Enough

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Joe Coffey - The Cop The Mob Hated

Joe Coffey is a familiar face on the satellite crime channels when he talks about The Son of Sam shootings case in New York during 1976/77 and taking on the Mob.  They called him "Publicity Joe" owing to the appearances on TV and in the newspapers.  Strange how they forgotten about the public flaunting by one John Gotti, who carrying on in the tradition of Sam Giancana, simply loved the publicity!  Joe Coffey was a Sergeant in the NYPD when the shooting spree of David Berkowitz broke out in the Bronx and Queens.  One night, with the force out in full, a shooting took place in Brooklyn.  Coffey took the call and commented that he may have switched his hunting ground.  He was right.Berkowitz was caught because his car received a parking ticket when he was out hunting, and through this he was caught.  Sheer luck, like two cops in Sheffield doing a routine car check, catching Sutcliffe.

    The Mob did hate Coffey as he could not be bought or intimidated, and one day he had the audacity to walk straight into the Gambino club headquarters and demand to speak to Paul Castellano, the then boss.  They thought he was crazy to walk straight into them and make a demand, but he got his audience.  He later regarded later boss Gotti as a complete and utter moron.  But what made him quit the Police was when a mobster accused him of corruption.  He was cleared of all accusations but he was so angry at being thought of as corrupt, he resigned.  No doubt all the Mob guys had big grins on their faces.   The NYPD was riddled with corruption but cops like Coffey, Serpico et al, at least gave the public a lot of reassurance.

Monday, 15 July 2013

John Cannan - An Analysis

Looking at the life of John Cannan can bring the layman to a number of conclusions.  He committed his known first offence at just 14, then nothing officially until he sexually assaulted his girlfriend at the end of 1980, for the horrible crime of ending their relationship.   What about the intervening years, were there offences not pursued or not linked to him? Then within three months, he had robbed with a knife, raped at knifepoint and also threatened to stab a baby.  He showed consistently what happens when he does not get his way.  There were the series of rapes across the West Midlands.  Was a concerted effort made to link Cannan to these, as in the Lamplugh case, she went to meet a "Mr Kipper" over a house sale? 

   The cases of Shirley Banks, Julia Holman, the reading rape, Sandra Court, all were opportunist attacks and abductions, all fitting the modus operandi of one John Cannan, and as we know he was convicted in two.  I do have trouble with the Melanie Hall case, as she had a boyfriend and as far as is known, did not communicate with Cannan.  Cannan claimed a woman from Bath was obsessed with him, and the tie - in to Cannan is circumstantial.  She did fit the pattern of a Cannan victim, and the man thought to have abducted her, sexually assaulted a woman in Bath, one month after the disappearance of Melanie, and was jailed. 

    There have been a number of claims of confessions to other inmates in prison about where he buried Suzy Lamplugh, but despite intensive searches, her body has not been found.  What do I think?  I believe he killed Suzy, Sandra Court, was the "House for sale" rapist, but not wholly convinced over Melanie.  I believe he committed many more attacks in the seventies, in the intervening years up to 1980 - 1981, that have not emerged.  The prison confessions to me, is simply Cannan playing games, knowing somebody will report it and then watching news reports of the searches and him having a good laugh.  No doubt in my view, Cannan should only come out in a pine box.  He is a compulsive predator and no matter how old he is, women will be in danger.

John Cannan

John David Guise Cannan is a convicted violent rapist, kidnapper and murderer.  Cannan was convicted of the kidnap and murder of Bristol woman Shirley Banks, plus two other rapes.  He attempted to abduct a woman called Julia Holman.  He is the prime suspect in the still longtime disappearance of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, but there was insufficient evidence to charge him.  He is also suspected of the murder of Sandra Court, and of arranging the murder of Bath girl, Melanie Hall. 

    Cannan was born on February 20th 1954, and his prelediction for sexual assault began in 1968, when at the age of 14, he indecently assaulted a woman whilst she was in a phone box.  Nothing more was heard of Cannan, and he married in 1978 and had a child, but two years later, he had a girlfriend, Daphne Sargent, but in December 1980, she ended her relationship, for which Cannan sexually assaulted her.  Then in February 1981, he robbed a petrol station at knifepoint.  The following month, he attempted to rob a knitwear shop at knifepoint, but his resulting actions showed the increasingly sick nature of his perversions.  The shop assistant was joined in the shop by her mother who was minding her child.  Cannan tied up the mother and then threatened to stab the baby if she did not submit.  He then raped her.  Fleeing the shop, Cannan was chased by two members of the public but they lost him.  They did find a bloodied knife and bag, dropped by Cannan, who was soon arrested by Police.  They found his black BMW nearby, and inside they found rope and an imitation handgun.

    Cannan was convicted in June 1981 and sentenced to eight years, in which he served five.  Between 1979 & 1981, there was a series of rapes across the West Midlands, known as the "House for sale "rapes which ceased once Cannan was incarcerated.  In 1986, Cannan was on day release from Wormwood Scrubs, and it was during this, that estate agent Suzy Lamplugh went missing after going to meet a client "Mr Kipper" and was never seen again.  Whilst on temporary release, Cannan began an affair with a solicitor but she ended it, but as a result, both she and her family were threatened by Cannan.  When he was finally released from prison, Cannan raped a woman at Knifepoint in Reading in October 1986.  DN A profiling was in it`s early stages and was not conclusive enough, and Cannan provided an alibi that he was in his home town of Sutton Coldfield.  He was released, and it was not for another two years before it was retested.  With DNA technology slowly advancing, it did give a match for Cannan, but before this Cannan continued his violence towards women. 

    In 1987, he attempted to abduct Julia Holman from a carpark at gunpoint, but despite the fact that he was armed, she successfully fought him off.  She identified him to Police, but the next day, Cannans` sick obsessions went beyond the pale.  He abducted a textile factory manager, 29 years old newly wed Shirley Banks on October 8th 1987.  She did not return home so her husband searched bars and any of her haunts but nobody had seen her.  The next morning, he phoned her works who said she had phoned in saying she was sick.  Enquiries by Police cleared her husband of any involvement and they came upon Cannan.  They searched his car and found the tax disc of Shirley Banks` car, in the glovebox.  Her Mini Clubman car was found in the garage of the block of flats where he lived.  It had been resprayed.  Cannan claimed he bought it from a guy.  He was bailed from Warwick Police Station but he was then arrested by Bristol Police over Shirley Banks.  They also were to question him as Julia Holman picked out of an identification line-up.

    A 69 years old woman came forward and said that she saw a small fire in a copse close to Cannans` home, and said she heard a woman saying "no, no" and a man screaming "I warned you what I would do".  She shouted and a dark and curly haired man emerged from the copse and lunged at her.  Cannan has dark, curly hair.  Police were initially sceptical about this, but later admitted she may have witnessed something.  Documents from Cannans` flat revealed a print belonging to Shirley.  They also found a cleaners stub for a shop in Sutton Coldfield.  Tracing the shop, Police discovered that the raincoat Cannan took in for cleaning, had red marks on it.  Cannan claimed it was red mud, after a tryst in a field.

    On December 23rd 1987, Cannan was charged with the kidnap and murder of Shirley Banks.  Shirley Banks had made the call, presumably from Cannans` flat, and only because it was believed that Cannan assured her he would release her.  Her body was discovered on 4th April 1988, by a woman, in an unfortunately named ditch known as "Dead Womans` Ditch" at Quantock Hills. The pathologist, the eminent Bernard Knight concluded she had been murdered by repeated blows to her head with a rock.  In April 1989, Cannan was sentenced to a minimum of thirty five years for the kidnap and murder of Shirley Banks and the two rapes, in the shop and at Reading.  He is now on a whole life tariff, but still maintains he is a completely innocent man.

    Cannan is the prime suspect in the Suzy Lamplugh disappearance, as many details of the man seen with her and what he did when meeting women, perfectly fits Cannan.  Even old girlfriends of Cannan think he is responsible.  He is in the frame for the murder of Dorset woman Sandra Court in 1986, who disappeared from by her parents home in Throop, Dorset.  Her body was later discovered in a place with a similarly sinister name as where Shirley Banks was found.  On the day she disappeared, Cannan WAS in nearby Bournemouth, and it fits his profile; the abduction of a pretty, young professional-looking woman, no doubt it was an opportune snatch.  Then there was the disappearance of young Bath woman, Melanie Hall, whose body was not discovered for thirteen years.  It has been claimed that Cannan organised her murder from prison, telling a visitor named Clark about a woman from Bath that was obsessed with him, and talked of the "perfect abduction", but nothing has been positively proven.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Griselda Blanco - The Real Scarface

We all watch films and wonder if the villains are based on real people and are they truly as depicted on screen?  The answer in the case of the Pacino film "Scarface" is a resounding yes, and the twist is, the cocaine kingpin was a woman, not a man.  What was different between her and the fictional Tony Montana, is that she had far, far more people killed than Montana, and that made her much more dangerous than ole Tony.  This woman was Colombian Griselda Blanco, born on the Colombian coast town of Cartegena on February 15th 1943.  At the age of three, she and her mother moved to Medellin, that area that has become infamous worldwide for cocaine.  She turned to crime ata very early age, attempting a kidnap and extortion at the age of just 11.  Not long after, she graduated to being a pickpocket, and at 14, she ran away from her mother and worked as a prostiyute in Medellin.

    She married her first husband Carlos Trujillo at the age of 20 and had three sons by him.  She later married a man named Alberto Bravo and they moved from Colombia to Queens in New York, where they started selling cocaine in the mid-70`s, but she was indicted on federal drug charges, so she fled back to Colombia.  That was at that time the biggest cocaine case in US history.  She re-entered the States settling in Miami, and setting up the biggest cocaine organisation in US history.  It also marked an astronomical rise in drug-related murders in Miami.  Blanco is credited with devising the two men on a motorcycle hit, popularly used around the world.  She was bringing into the States at least $80,000,000 worth of cocaine every month.  Believed to have organised or okayed more than 200 murders, it brought a big effort from Law Enforcement to bring her down and end what was known as the "Cocaine Cowboy Wars"

    But all this drugs, money and mayhem brought numerous attempts to eliminate her, so she fled to California but still ruthlessly controlled her empire.  In February 1985, she was arrested by DEA agents and sentenced to fifteen years jail.  One of her lieutenants was turned by authorities and she was indicted for three murders but the witness did an about-turn, so the case collapsed.  After serving her time, she was deported back to Colombia.  Her first three sons were all killed but she had a fourth by lover Dario Sepulveda but he went to Colombia, taking their son with him.  This angered her and from prison she put a contract out on Sepulveda, having him killed in Colombia.  Her son returned to Miami. 

    Her only surviving son was under house arrest in 2012, after being arrested on drugs charges.  But the end for the female "Scarface" came on 3rd September 2012 when two men on a motorcycle shot and killed her.  She died by the method she is credited with pioneering.  Ironical, eh?

The Unsolved Murder of Patricia Parsons

This unsolved killing dates back to 1990 and it was an unusual but particularly brutal murder for which theories abound for the murder.  Pat Parsons was an attractive and wealthy 42 years old masseuse who ran a parlour in Camden, in North London.  She was by accounts, a sort after masseur and in that game, discreet sexual services, particularly with a rich clientele.  She was supposed to have a book listing as many as two hundred clients, said to have listed a judge, accountants, bankers, and even celebrities.  But on 23rd June 1990, she disappeared, only for her car to be discovered at Epping Forest.  She had been shot three times with a crossbow.  She was supposed to have been travelling to her Turkish boyfriends` restaurant but never reached there.

    Why was she murdered?  Speculation was that she was going to sell her story to a sunday newspaper, but she did not need the money.  She owned three houses and one was worth half a million pounds, so she had no money difficulties.  Her clientele obviously relied on her discretion, so why should she betray them?  With a book of wealthy and influential clients, blackmail would be an obvious motive for some villain aiming to line his pockets.  "We do not harm women and children" claim villains all around the world.  Yeah right.  "This woman can make me plenty of money with her book but the code of the Underworld dictates I do not harm her".  If you believe that you believe in Santa Claus.

    In 2007 Police announced that a cold case review and the advance in forensics, meant that they were close to an arrest, but it never materialised.  To add insult to injury, the victims` parents received a demand from the Inland Revenue for £100,000!  One name put up as the murderer was former Richardson gang man Jimmy Moody, who was alleged to have killed a couple close to where Pat Parsons was found. Moody himself was murdered in London some years later.

The Murder of Barbara Gaul

This was one of those cases you remember as one of the headline grabbing at the time, and featured on the national news programmes.  Barbara Gaul was the wife of a shady property developer named John Gaul, and they were proceeding to go through a divorce.  On January 12th 1976, Mrs Gaul was brutally shot in the carpark of the Black Lion Pub in Patcham, near Brighton.  Mrs Gaul died just over two months later.  She had been cut down with a shotgun, which the assassins had dropped during the getaway.  Police quickly traced the the shooters through the gun, and arrested two eastender brothers, Roy Albert Edgeler and Keith Henry Edgeler.  They were convicted and sent down for life.  It was alleged that the Edgelers had been brought into the plot via a middleman, one Charles Kray, but the brothers said nothing.

    Naturally, the husband was taken in for questioning but was released due to lack of evidence and he immediately sped off abroad.  He went to Rio and later settled in Malta, fighting extradition attempts some years later.  By 1984, the Police interest dropped in Gaul and the passage of time could affect witnesses memories.  Gaul died in 1989, and it was only after his death that Keith Edgeler spoke out frim prison, saying that the contract had been issued by Gaul, as he believed Barbara was going to speak out about his business dealings.  Gaul had surfaced in two of the nations` great sex scandals, the Profumo and Lambton affairs.  He was said to have been, basically, a high class pimp, a`la Stephen Ward.  Some people have commented on some local forums remembering seeing a white chalk line on the carpark, where she lay. 

Charlie Kray - Downfall of The Last of The Family

This man who was portayed as a man brought down by his brothers` reputations, obviously was involved in shady deals and did trade on the family name.  He was jailed along with his brothers and a number of gang members in the famous trial in 1969.  Versions abound of how much he was involved, depending on which camp the storyteller is in.  He told two versions of his story, the first was a complete denial of his brothers being villains, and they were East End boys made good, which the Police could not stomach.   How did they get away with things for so long without Police protection in one form or another?  He later did a revised edition. 

    Police later stated that he lived an okay existence for years without drawing benefits or paying tax.  It was obvious that he was trading on his family name, and this would have guaranteed that many would have backed off trying anything on with him.  I remember seeing him in a number of interviews in which he appeared permanently suntanned.  No doubt many people wished that they could have been.  What brought him down was a drugs deal, promising to supply substantial amounts of drugs.  Two undercover cops befriended him and spent lavishly on him.  Being the parasite he was, how could he refuse?  He claimed that he wanted to see if he could scam the money from them, but had no intention of supplying drugs.  Sorry Charlie, but when you say, "I can supply......" you have put your head in the noose.  But, as always, greed kicks in and over-rides caution.  He then from jail, was alleged to have asked for contracts to be put out on the two undercover cops, and a man called Gowling, whom he thought was responsible for starting events that led to his jailing.  His name cropped up in the investigations into the murders of Donald Urquhurt and Barbara Gaul.  Gowling was found shot to death.  So much for an innocent man, as mud does stick.

    After Kray died in prison, his grave had no headstone, which showed what many of the Underworld really thought of him, and a fundraiser was held to purchase one.  Six men were photographed around the grave after the headstone was laid.  John Nash, Shaw, Foreman, Pyle, Wilf Pine and "Gang Boss" Lambrianou.  With the exception of the "Gang Boss", the others could easily have bought that headstone for their friend but it probably shows how much they really wanted to put their hands in their pockets. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Unsolved Murder of Minnie Lawson

This unsolved murder is from way back in 1935 in the North East.  Minnie Lawson, a 58 years old widow and shop owner was found bludgeoned to death by neighbours in her bedroom.  The fateful attack took place on August 11th 1935 in the little hamlet of Ogle, near to Belsay, in Northumberland.  Her neighbours noticed she had not opened up her shop, so they checked her house, and were greeted by smoke coming from her bedrooom.  The neighbours extinguished the fire, which was a mattress smouldering, and found the widow lying near the bed.  It was very clear she had been subjected to an extremely violent assault.

    The Polive immediately launched an enquiry, believing the motive was robbery.  A farm labourer was arrested but the case immediately collapsed against the man and he was released.  Two other men came into the frame, but extensive enquiries exonerated them.  The were no other leads and eventually the case was shelved and remains open and unsolved.  It was believed that she was attacked around midnight but tried to fight off her assailant with a hammer or poker but this was snatched from her and the intruder beat her to death with it.  The fire was an obvious attempt to destroy any evidence and hopefully burn the victims` body so much it would not display the violence inflicted.  A man has spent decades walking about knowing he murdered an aging woman simply for some money and gotten away with it.

Friday, 12 July 2013

John Childs - Contract Killer

This man is one of the elite band of people that are caged for their whole life due to the heinous nature of their crimes.  Something grossly overlooked by European Judges.   The case of Childs hit the national headlines as he was a self-confessed multiple murderer.  He admitted taking part in six murders, but named big Harry Mackenny and Terry Pinfold as his accomplices.  Childs was a professional criminal, involved in armed robberies as a getaway driver.  Mackenny and Pinfold ran a business making life jackets and cuddly toys, but Childs claimed he discussed a murder for hire scheme with Mackenny, and it finally started in early January 1975 and the murder of George Brett and his young son, Terry.   Brett had allegedly beaten up a man called Thompson and so paid for Childs and his friends to eliminate Brett.  Childs appeared at Bretts` home, dressed like a businessman and asked his wife to make sure he was available on the first saturday in January.  Brett was to follow Childs in his car to view a load that Childs wanted transporting.  Brett was a haulier.  But his ten years old son, Terry, climbed into the car, and they were never seen again.

    Childs claimed that Thompson had supplied an old army Sten gun with ammunition.  First Brett was shot, then a teddy bear was handed to the youngster before he was shot dead.  Childs claimed that Mackenny wielded the gun.   Another partner in the toy business was Terry Eve.  He was killed because he was thought to be a liability to the business.  Eve was assaulted with a metal pipe then strangled.  A witness to this was an oddjob man called Robert Brown, who also operated as a part-time professional wrestler, known as the White Angel.  Brown had been jailed but escaped from prison.  Childs claimed that they thought Brown would horsetrade over the killing of Terry Eve.  Brown was induced to go to an apartment where he was battered with an axe, but being in a tough profession, he did not go easily and Childs ran him through with a sword.

    The next contracted killing was that of Fred Sherwood, who ran a nursing home in Herne Bay.  Childs agin claimed that they were paid to kill him by Paul Morton-Thurtle, a businessman unhappy with deals made by Sherwood.  The story was that Sherwood was selling his car and went to see a potential buyer.  Childs claimed he was shot in Mackennys` home.  The last victim was roofer Ronnie Andrews.  He disappeared, never to be seen again.  He and his wife had marriage difficulties, a fact confirmed by his best friend, Mackenny.  His car was found in a river but there was no body.  It was believed to have been swept out to sea.

   The downfall of Childs was when he was arrested over a security van robbery.  He left car keys in clothing that they changed out of after the job, and through these, the Police arrested the owner of the keys, who had been given money to mind, and so in a deal, he spilled the beans naming Childs and Mackenny.  Once in custody, Childs began to talk and admitted six murders, alleging Mackenny and Pinfold were heavily involved.  The trial was in 1980, and Childs received life whilst Pinfold and Mackenny received a minimum of twenty five years.  Childs claimed that they cut up the bodies and burnt them in the firegrate of his flat.  In response to the questions over the possibility, smells, heat levels and time to burn them, scientists conducted an experiment with a large pig.  Their findings corroborated Childs`claims.  But in 2003, the Court of Appeal dismissed the charges against them, stating that Childs was a pathological liar and a thoroughly unreliable witness.  Childs went on to boast to a reporter that he had murdered five more people, though this has not been substantiated.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Paul Malone - An Innocent Man?

Paul Malone has spent more than 15 years and spent more than £20,000 on trying to prove his innocence on charges of armed robbery in Heswall, Ellesmere Port and elsewhere.  He was jailed after allegedly "confessing" to robbery.  Mr Malone, who was from Liverpool, had a national TV documentary on his case shown, which did the reputation of the Ellesmere Port CID no favours.  He had the papers on which his "confession" was written, subjected to the ESDA test, a forensic examination that brings up impressions on the sheet underneath the one being written on.  Incriminating remarks were missing, showing that the papers were separate and the incriminating words had been added later.  This test brought down that bastion of truth and honesty, The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.  An enquiry was launched but the outcome I cannot remember. 

    One robbery he was alleged to have committed was a jewellers shop in the affluent village of Heswall on a saturday afternoon.   Malone had gone to the races at Haydock Park and met a journalist friend there.  But in true bulldog fashion the E.P. CID broke his alibi by test driving from Heswall to Haydock Park.  Malone met his friend at 2.15pm and the robbery occured at 1.30pm, but they proved it could be done in just under 40 minutes without exceeding the speed limit(70mph).  Well eat your heart out Sherlock, step aside Poirot, go back to detective school Columbo, the EP CID shows the way.  Heswall has just two lanes running through it and it is a busy road, particularly on saturdays, Malone allegedly changed his robbery gear to a full suit and tie job.  He then drove to Haydock, parked up with absolutely no difficulty, because people do not go to the races in their cars, and you do not have to wait in a queue with hundreds of other drivers, placed a bet with a bookie, and walked to the cabin where his friend was, who noted his arrival.  All in 45 minutes!  Lads I worked with who went to Haydock races and lived in the Wirral area where the robbery occured, howled with laughter at the cracking of the alibi.  "It can take you half an hour just to park up" one laughed.

    He fought for years to clear his name and he proved that his confession was concocted by the Police, but it was rejected by the Court of Appeal.  Years later, he faced robbery charges again, but claimed a highly convoluted frame up by the E.P. CID.  I thought that it was too clever for the Port CID, but Malone was cleared.  The cops in the earlier case, were supposed to taking legal action over the ESDA test, but strangely dropped it.  This forensic test has been an accepted test that is used all over the world, and does expose wrong doings but apparently is wrong when it involves cops.  There was a six part documentary about history of the Police and the final episode dealt with corruption.  A delightful former detective explained how you framed a man for armed robbery.  "You take his shoes and stamp them in any glass from the crime scene, and if his trousers have turn-ups, you put glass fragments in the turn-ups".  Guess what the scientific proof was they had against Malone?  That made me think that he just may have been innocent, and I read that he has stopped his long campaign due to the costs he has encurred. 

    Is he innocent?  legally, in the first case, no, but the second, yes.  He certainly could not have done the Heswall robbery in the time scale. Make a lightning fast getaway through the usually heavy and slow moving traffic, remember to the hit the country lanes you need to take you to the M53 Motorway, stop somewhere and fully change without being seen, use the M53, M56 and then the M6 to Haydock.  Line up with hundreds of other cars to get a parking space, walk through the crowds, place a bet, walk to the cabin where he is noted as arriving at 2.15pm.  Unless he is really Clark Kent in disguise.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Frank "Garth" Birkin

This huge and extremely volatile man was a one time legendary hard man of Bradford, who was able to put fear up many people.  Birkin was born around 1925, though details of his early life are somewhat difficult to come across, and he acquired the nickname Garth due to his size and physique like the Daily Mirror cartoon strip character.  He began a career around 1947/8 playing rugby league for Bramley.  His size made a perfect choice for such a hard game and he proved it many times, resembling a bull charging at you.  He transferred to Salford, then Castleford and finished his career at Halifax.  It has been claimed that he tried his hand at boxing but I have not been able to find any proof of this.  He then became a pub landlord, and this is where his reputation took off.

    He ran The Blue Lion near the town centre, and his fighting abilities were soon on show.  Three West Indians went in and one dropped an empty cigarette packet on the floor.  He refused to put it in a bin or on a table, and they were ready for a fight.  They were soon dispatched.  One local tough guy called Billy Turner tried his hand but Birkin leaned across the bar and smashed him in the face, ending the arguement.  Another tough nut called Charlie Hutson tried Birkin a number of times but lost each one.  But his volatile temper started landing him in court when he had a dispute with a friend, who ran a pub in the outer suburb of Wyke, named Harry Pass.  He was punched a number of times by Birkin, resulting in Pass receiving nearly a dozen stitches.  Then he was jailed for beating a man.  He claimed he shoved him out through the doors but a witness said she saw him holding the helpless man and repeatedly punching him.  But his most infamous moment was when he attacked one of his own barmen.   In 1957/8 21 years old Brian Scully had taken Birkins` sister out.  Lynne Birkin was aged between 30 & 35, but obviously the age gap was not a problem.  At the end of the night, Brian gave Lynne a kiss goodnight, but suddenly an enraged  Birkin appeared and battered Brian, putting him in hospital.  Birkin claimed he never left his pub but this was not believed.

    Some years later, he ran a betting shop in Yeadon and he died around the mid to late seventies, apparently from a heart attack.  Birkin did use his considerable strength to bully people.  One day, he tried to come on to another man`s wife and the husband, who was on the tough side, was told that to take on Birkin, he would have to go at him with all guns blazing and must not stop.  Things did blow over, however.  Their has been speculation about who could have handled Birkin.  One man, Ken Jubb was a former Bradford Northern player, a pub landlord himself who had a big reputation.  Then there was clown prince wrestler Les Kellett, famed for his comic way of wrestling, but not well known was the fact that Les was one of the hardest men in Bradford, if not the hardest.  Then there was Big John Amelia, a very hard punching doorman, who went to Blackpool and became minder for a popular tenor of the 40`s & 50`s called Josef Locke.  A name I came across was Dennis Hutchinson, a tough nut that was around in the 50`s, the era of Amelia, Birkin, Jubb, and of course Les Kellett.   It is hard to find out anything about this man as most have not heard of him.

The Strasbourg Ruling

This is me letting off some steam as this ruling from the European Court in Strasbourg shows just how out of touch these wankers are.  An action brought by five times killer Jeremy "I am innocent" Bamber, quadruple killer Peter Moore and double killer Vinter, crying that their sentences were inhuman and unjust.  Well fuck me sideways.  Now matter how many you kill, you have human rights.  Of course, all the professional apologists and whingers must forget that the victims had their rights to life violated PERMANENTLY.  Naturally, they believe they are victims of the judicial system, but if you cannot do the sentence, DO NOT COMMIT THE CRIME. 

    I have put posts up here about some miscarriages of justice and Police corruption, but that does not mean it applies to all.  Every time these civil liberty & human rights cunts start crying, they conveniently always forget about the victims, their families and the anguish they have endured.  I believe these cunts think that people are entitled to be victims, and the world is full of retards ready to cry for the perpetrators.  No doubt this ruling put a big grin on the face of Scott Lomax, a campaigner for Bamber.  If you ever contact him over miscarriages of justice but are not prepared to stick your tongue up the ass of Bamber, you will get a VERY negative response.  I know.  Teresa May for once spoke truly, saying this Human Rights Act needs scrapping.  The justice system in any country is nothing to do with wankers in Strasbourg.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Murder of Jimmy Millen

The murder on October 26th 2001, of the former boxer from Liverpool, remains unsolved to this day.  He was shot by two hitmen on a motorcycle, who then made a speedy escape.  Police have not been unable to charge anybody with his murder, to this day.  Mr Millen, a former boxer who had moved from the very rough Merseyside suburb of Kirkby to the Hastings area of the south coast with his wife and three children, worked as a doorman.  He was working on his car, when a motorcycle drove slowly past, and the pillion passenger fired four shots into Mr Millens` back.  He crawled away but died in hospital thirty minutes later.  The killers escaped through a nearby industrial estate and not seen again.  A Police investigation as launched, headed by DCI John Levett, but it was said that they ran into a wall of silence.  Mr Millens` family were placed in protective custody but returned to their home some time later.  Mrs Millen spoke of prolonged intimidation, threats to kill & vandalism that they had to endure.

     What was the motive?  Being a doorman can bring you into contact with criminals, and if you are a doorman whom is handy with the fists, you can easily make very dangerous enemies.  There are numerous theories that can be speculated on.  Police said they were concentrating on possible underworld links in the area around Hastings and the south coast.  But later, the Millen family revealed that Jimmy Millen was involved in the murder and disappearance of Jason Martin-Smith, a 28 years old man from Camberley in Surrey.  He was aleged to have told his family that Jason had been held hostage by four others and when he arrived, Jason was strangled, then shot and dismembered.  One of the gang then allegedly dumped the body parts around Hastings.  The family said Jimmy was sickened by what happened and that he was now involved.  Jason has never been found.  This happened a couple of weeks before the fatal shooting on Tile Barn Road. 

    Speculating again, this would have been seen as a weak link and that Jimmy was in a position of being able to send four men away for a very long time, so he had to go.  Then again, he might have hammered somebody on the doors and they brought in help for revenge.  Then again, it could have been related to his doorman work, by preventing drug pushers from operating in places he minded.  In 2012, a lake was searched for the murder weapon that allegedly killed Jason Martin-Smith but no weapon was found.  Two killers are still walking free.

Tony "Gang Boss" Lambrianou

This man who became known as the "Keeper of The Krays Flame" certainly did live in fantasyland and very quick to come up fantastic tales of his "escapades" in the criminal underworld.   One person referred to him as "The biggest fannying bastard of them all!"  This is the man whose autobiography makes him look such a high profile villain, and missed out on the opportunity to take over the underworld in at least half of the cities in the country.

    Yet, this staunch villain who stood by his friends and said nothing, and received fifteen years in jail as a result, DID make a statement to Police, after the trial, in which he demolished the claims he later made about himself.  He said that he only became involved with the Krays shortly before the murder of Jack Mcvitie, and not a few years before as he claimed.  He also said in his statement that his family were threatened with harm if he spoke out.  Hmmm!  Again, demolishes the total ass kissing he does of the Krays.

    He told of he and his brother, with the Kray name behind them, were going to take over numerous cities in England.  He claimed that in 1964, they took over Blackpool.  I have problems believing that, as no matter who you are or think you are, there are people you just cannot push around.  Apart from a couple of villainous or fighting families, and some nasty individual villains and their associates, the power in Blackpool, was the Walsh Family.  The "Gang Boss" makes no mention of whether the Walshes were under their control.   After all, Mitzi Walsh once hammered six coppers then got him put away, I cannot see him being bothered by two brothers, one clearly in cloud cuckoo land!  He also mentions that they were intending to take over Liverpool and Manchester.  Pause for laughter.  Plus five other cities.  Charlie Siega mentions some Londoners sniffing about but leaving.

    Then we come to the murder of Mcvitie.  His brother, Chris, tells of asking him straight out if he set up Mcvitie. The "Gang Boss" did not answer, but changed the subject.  Lennie Hamilton tells of being told by Ronnie Bender(He was there so received 20 years) that Mcvitie did not try to dive through the window as was claimed, nor did he punch the window out as Lambrianou claimed, but was struggling with Ronnie Hart and Lambrianou, and his elbow hit the window, breaking it.  They held him for Kray to stab.

    After release from jail, he obviously saw the potential for exploiting their name, claiming that they were not bullies, they were not thieves ponces, were fair people and were Robin Hood characters.   Best fiction award he should have won.  Professional criminals ARE bullies, the Krays WERE the biggest thieves ponces in London - they did not have the courage to rob for themselves - and as for Robin Hoods!  They were also not the super-villains some portray them as.  They had two crooked businessmen doing the frauds for them.  Leslie Payne & Freddie Gore.  That is how clever they weren`t.

    The murder of Frank Mitchell was carried out by Freddie Foreman & Alf Gerrard.  Foreman has admitted it, but strangely, despite the revoking of the 800 years old Double Jeopardy law, he has never faced charges for Mitchell & Tommy Marks.  Lambrianou claimed Foreman was the "Most wrongly maligned man".  Strange remarks for a multiple killer and disposer of bodies.  "Solid family man" was the pompous crap from the "Gang Boss".  Lambrianou blamed Billy Exley for the murder of Mitchell!  When Foreman publicly confessed to killing Mitchell, did Lambrianou stand up and say, "I wrongly blamed a dead man for somebody else`s crime, simply to excuse Foreman?"  No.  He kept his mouth firmly shut.  (Exley died just after the trial)

    If he thought he was a big villain, when arrested in Birmingham with his brother, the "Gang Boss" meekly went quietly.  I have seen photos of the arrest.  He did not put up any resistance.  What a fucking joke!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cindy George & The Murder of Jeff Zack

This coupling  between a former beauty contestant, wife of a wealthy businessman and a former scrap metal man went more like the plot of a soap opera, than a headline making scandal.  Cindy George came from humble beginnings but her life changed when she met successful restaurant owner, Ed George.  The owner of the highly successful Tangiers Restaurant in Akram, Ohio, was much older than Cindy but this did not deter them and they wed and raised a large family.

    But years later, and as is the way of the world, whilst her husband was a self-confessed workaholic, which provided her with the lifestyle she was now used to, she began a ten year affair with a man called Jeff Zack, a married man with two kids, whom had flirtations with the Israeli Military, a scrap metal business and other ventures.  But unknown to Zack, she began an affair with a man named John Zaffino.   Zack was said to have been hassling George over their relationship.  Did Zack want to make it permanent?  Zaffino had told friends, that a guy was harassing his girlfriend, which he was not happy about.

    On June 16th 2001, Zack pulled into a service station to fill up his car, when a motorcycle pulled alongside, the rider wearing a full face helmet and dark visor, pulled out a gun and shot Zack in the head, before racing away.  Examining Zacks` family life and background, brought the affair with George into the open, and then Zaffino.  Zaffino was arrested and charged with the murder of Jeff Zack.  The Police had plenty of evidence against Zaffino.  The Jury were out for four hours but it was revealed that the Jury had taken only one hour to decide Zaffino`s guilt and the other three debating why George had not been charged. To be honest, this was not the job of the Jury.  They had to judge Zaffino as he was the one on trial.  It was the job of the Police and District Attorney to put George on trial.  Zaffino received Life in 2003.  Cindy George went on trial in 2005 and was found Guilty by the Judge and sentenced to 23 years imprisonment.  This was overturned in 2007 and she was released.  The evidence was overwhelmingly circumstantial but did not directly implicate her, hence the quashing of her conviction.  In 2008, the Supreme Court refused to rule on the reversal of the Judge`s verdict, effectively closing the case.  Ed George steadfastly stands loyally beside his wife.  Cindy George continues to live the high life courtesy of her husband, and their solid belief in Catholicism did not stop her betraying him. John Zaffino has refused to point the finger at her.  Has she gotten away with murder?  Only she and Zaffino can truly answer that.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Murder of Melanie Hall

Todat the Murder Casebook looks at the unsolved murder in 1996 of 25 years old Melanie Hall, whose remains were not discovered for thirteen years.  Melanie was born on August 20th 1970, in Bradford-Upon-Avon, and graduated from Bath University in 1995.  She found work as a clerical officer at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.  Whilst there, she met and started dating a young German doctor Philip Karlbaum.  On the night of June 9th, she was at the Cadillacs Nightclub in Bath, but later on had an arguement with Karlbaum resulting in him leaving the club.  It was to be the last time he saw her.

    Next day, her parents reported her missing as she had not turned up for work.  Police questioned Karlbaum, him being the boyfriend and also because of the arguement they had in the club, but he was quickly eliminated.  She was last seen in the club at 1.10am, and then nothing.  Appeals were made on tv show Crimewatch, and through Crimestoppers also, but it brought no results.  Melanie was officially declared deceased on 17th November 2004.  But it was in 2009 that the family anguish was resolved although not in the way they would have liked.

    A workman discovered a bin bag by the M5 Motorway at Thornbury in South Gloustershire, that contained human remains.  A post-mortem positively identified the remains as those of Melanie.  A renewed Police investigation swung into action with one detective carrying on working with the case despite reaching retirement.  He had worked on the case from day one.  Over the next two years, some people were arrested and bailed, but nobody has faced any charges.  Years before, in 2003, two men were arrested and qestioned over the disappearance of Melanie but were subsequently released.  Then in 2009, a man made a confession to Greater Manchester Police but this was dismissed after a psychiatric examination of the man.  Another arrest occured in July 2010, that of a 38 years old Bath man, who was bailed.  The next month, a 39 years old man from Wiltshire was arrested and bailed. 

    Other suspects that have emerged are the so-called "Batman Rapist" an attacker whom left a batman baseball cap at the scene of his crime.  This man tried to hijack a car from a woman, but she fought him off despite receiving knife injuries.  This was hours before Melanie vanished.  The other suspect is notorious killer and rapist, John Cannan, whom it is alleged had tried to organise the crime from prison.  The alleged assailant being a convicted rapist named Christopher Clark.   The theory is that Cannan wanted to pull off the "Perfect Abduction" and had claimed he had a woman writing to him whom was completely obsessed with him.  The woman supposedly lived around the Bath area.  This does not wash with me, as Melanie had a man in her life, and if she was "Obsessed" with Cannan, then surely somebody would have known something, her behaviour would have aroused suspicion.  An obsessive would not let anything or anybody get in the way of the object of their obsession.  Cannan is a manipulator who may have wanted to get the Police looking at him, or is after more notoriety, despite his repeated assertions he is an innocent man.  It may take forensics to crack this but it looks remote.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Jon Venables - When Will People Wake Up?

There was plenty of headlines in the media about child-killer Jon Venables and the latest new identity he is being given, and there will always be some wanker ready to make excuses for the actions of this individual.  Venables violated the conditions of his parole when he was caught with child porn on his computer and considering that he and Robert Thompson had so horrifically tortured and murdered little Jamie Bulger, this is a huge red flag.  A radio discussion featured a former top cop and on the side of the apologists and whingers was a woman journalist.

    What I found astonishing was that this woman, in my view and no doubt thousands of listeners, ignored just what these two murderers had done.  They had tried to abduct a small child earlier, showing the absolute intention.  Their little victim was dragged for miles, they contemplated throwing him into a canal, they tried to push him in front of incoming vehicles, and they mercilessly slaughtered him in the most sick, evil and twisted way.  HOW CAN YOU EXCUSE AND DEFEND THAT?  She kept on about them being young boys.  This is not fifty or sixty years ago when that could have been argued.  Times do change, as the saying goes, and kids of that age are not the little angelic and innocent kids you might picture them as.  She kept on about rehabilitation and helping him in straightening his life out.  Sure, but little Jamie does not have that option, does he? 

    He has a taste for murder that has come out at a very young age, now he is thirty, and has already shown what he is all about.  He is into child porn and what was revealed in a documentary on the case, is that Venables went around Liverpool, openly bragging about who he is and just exactly what he had done.  Big red flag, anybody?  Venables is now undergoing, according to the media, his FOURTH new identity.  When are they going to stop wasting money on this vermin and let him loose with no protection.  After all, people convicted of sex offences, even against children, do not get this priveleged treatment.

    Venables, obviously, will be on licence for the rest of his life.  Good.  It might hold in check any truly violent urges, knowing he will be shipped straight to prison, but this vermin does not deserve any priveleges or assistance.  People need to wake up to the way the world is turning, and see just what the likes of Venables and Thompson really are.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Birdman of Alcatraz - The Hollywood Myth

When watching the end of the Hollywood film "The Birdman of Alcatraz" and up to that time - 1962 - You would be thinking "How could those brutish yanks treat this man so appallingly?"  Well, now for the truth.   What the film portrayed was complete garbage.  Would you think that Burt Lancaster could have played a man whom was a monster?  Surely not!  In fact, it was due to Burt starring as "The Birdman" that brought public attention to his case and that he was being treated "harshly".

    Robert Franklin Stroud was born on January 28th 1890 to a very dysfunctional family.  His father was never around much and disliked his son.  Stroud had two elder half-sisters from his mothers` first marriage, and later, a brother.  His mother blamed men for her ills, where she was as manipulative as much as her husband was an abuser.  Stroud grew up fighting anything that took his interest, whether it was injustice or just an excuse to whip up trouble.  It was a character trait that stayed with him until his death in 1963.  Not portrayed in the film was that Stroud was an out and out homosexual, although he did have sexual relation with women when young, but his appetite was for boys.  He was also very dangerous, as his sentence bore out.  Stroud murdered two men, one a prison guard, and was twice sentenced to hang but was reprieved.

    His status as a bird authority began in the thirties, not in Alcatraz but in Leavenworth.  Through his own efforts, reading and doing his own autopsys on his birds, he did gain much knowledge on bird diseases and did write two books.  But human and animal medicine always moves on and with the advent of anti-biotics, the work of Stroud fell by the wayside
and later Stroud was moved to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.  He then wrote a history of the US Prison Service that was never published.  What is generally not known, and certainly not in the film, is that this manuscript contained pornographic recollections of his encounters with boys, and at that time, no mainstream publisher would touch the book.  Then the film came out and opinion was on how hard done by he was, ignoring that Stroud never showed any remorse for both murders he committed.  The story of Stroud is much broader than I can put on here but at least some of the story is here, but do not be fooled by the film.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Seige At Waco

The seige at Waco in Texas was the result of another man proclaiming himself to be a god or god`s messenger, and trying to make himself his own community where he was in total control.  David Koresch(not his real name obviously) had stockpiled weapons.  Why is a bit of a mystery to me as weapons kill and one of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill".  But as usual, these self-proclaimed messiahs, Koresch, Jim Jones, Davis Berg and others, they interpret the Bible in a way that suits them, they use sex as a theme,  and that they are entitled, being messiahe, to have sex with very young girls.  This makes them paedophiles.  Full stop!

    The authorities were disturbed by what they were hearing about Koresch and his regime and wanted to put a stop to it.  The FBI and the ATF formed a task force, backed up with swat and armed response teams, tried to negoiate a peaceful conclusion with Koresch.  Of course he did not want to lose his little kingdom and his serfs and did much stalling. The negoiators did manage to get many women and children out safely but  not all.  The trouble the negoiators had was with the armed teams.  They almost scuppered talks when they sent in a tank to wreck parts of the compound.  A leader of one team said that it was hard to keep a group of alpha males hanging around for weeks on end.  So professionalism and the chain of command went out the window, eh?  They all wanted to act as if they were John Wayne!  One of the negoiators left, as he was sickened by the actions of the armed teams.  He feared a mass shootout.

    As expected, Koresch dug in and eventually, an assault was launched.  Cries on the telephone link heard a guy screaming that women and children were still inside, as tear gas was fired into the main building.  Shots were fired at the building.  Suddenly, a huge fire broke out, enveloping the building and leading to the deaths of the people inside.  The alpha males must have felt proud with their assault.  It was all over and Koresch was dead.  So were many others.

John "Awesome" Anderson

This man came to a wider audience when martial artist and former doorman Geoff Thompson told his career as a doorman in the wild wild west of the city of Coventry, in the Midlands.  Anderson was the head doorman at an extremely violent nightclub referred to in Thompsons` books as "G`s".  I subsequently discovered the name of the club when one night in my old local, I was talking to a guy from Coventry.  The club was called Godivas, as in the naked lady on horseback.

    John Anderson was not a hulking man but a solidly built man of average height with a very enviable fighting ability.  He taught Thompson all the tricks of the trade;  how to deal with situations, reading people, diplomacy and tact.  But in such a violent environment, he was frequently called upon to take care of volatile situations, and as the head doorman, the buck stopped with him.  Thompson recounts just how tough Anderson was, and his reading of a person, when one night, a huge hulking rugby player started causing trouble and even battered a kid by the bar.  He told two of the doormen to throw him out, but they were a bit intimidated by him, so Anderson knew that it was now down to him.  The rugby player smirked when he saw who was coming to eject him.  As if this smaller guy could handle him!!  Anderson played it a bit wary, tried to take his beer from him but the guy kept turning away, saying that he had to leave, in a slightly scared voice and then tried to take his glass again.  The guy turned away but ran smack into a very short range left hook that lifted him off the floor and removed a number of his teeth.  The guy was out cold, and he was very hefty, so they had to roll him down the stairs and out because he was too much dead weight for them to lift.

    A big problem that doormen encountered in Coventry was when a very large contingent of young men gathered together and caused mayhem.  They were known as the Bell Green Crew as many lived in the Bell Green area.  After trouble between doormen and some of the BGC, they gathered in force to make a return visit.  The call went out to all doormen in Coventry, and many of them turned up to help out.  The BGC had not turned up so Anderson, along with former top Heavyweight Ricky James, and four other very tough doormen, went to the pub where the BGC drank.  The BGC were shocked to see six doormen walk into the centre of the pub, order drinks and sit around a table drinking and chatting and laughing without a care in the world.  When they had finished their drinks, they stood up and walked out.  Nobody moved or said anything to them.  The point had been made.  There was no trouble that night.  What a tough guy!