Sunday, 11 May 2014

Maury Travis - A Serial Killer

Coming across rather unknown serial killers is far more of interest to me than repeated things about Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, etc.  This man received his comeuppance because his ego obviously got in front of his brain, just like Rader.  Maury Travis took his own life whilst in a jail because Police had solid proof he was responsible for some of the crimes he was accused of.  He even videotaped his torturing of his victims, again, like others such as Lake & Ng and Parker Ray, he had to have video and sound recordings of the suffering he was inflicting.  Travis was born on 25th October 1965 in Ferguson, Missouri, and ended it all on 10th June 2002.

    He was arrested whilst working as a waiter and was on parole for robbery.  He was facing two Federal complaints of murder, and was locked up in a St Louis County jail when he took his own life.  His downfall came when the St Louis Dispatch ran a profile feature on murder victim Teresa Wilson, where Travis responded with a letter to the newspaper, along with a map.  The words he wrote included "I`ll tell you where many others are" and & "To prove I`m real, here`s directions to number seventeen!"  The letter had a return address of an online bondage website, but Police could not determine more.  The map, however, was discovered to have come from, and so Police were able to trace him.  Police found a torture chamber in his home, along with instruments of torture, clippings from newspapers, and recordings of his torturing of his victims. 

    The known victims and suspected victims include Alysia Greenwade, found in Illinois in April 2001.  She was last seen alive in Missouri.  Betty James` body was found two months later in Missouri.  She had last been seen in Illinois!  Others include Teresa Wilson, Brenda Beasley, Yvonne Crues & Verona Thompson.  All four women had been subjected to torture and strangulation.  Let us hope their families have found closure.