Monday, 29 September 2014

Larry Lamont White - Triple Killer

Killers around the world must have truly rued the day that DNA science was here to stay, and with the massive advances in the technology, more killers are being brought to justice, even decades after the crime.  One of these killers brought to book is Larry White.  He was sentenced to death by a court in Louisville, Kentucky - hometown of Muhammad Ali -  after DNA proved he was the murderer of a woman back in 1983.  White was first convicted of a terrible double murder.  The victims were Yolande Sweeney, 21 & Deborah Miles, 22.  They had been raped, then shot in the back of the head by White.  But in 1987, the Supreme Court of Kentucky, ruled that the confession he made to cops was inadmissible.  Obviously not wanting a retrial and facing the death sentence again, he decided to plea bargain.  He was then sentenced to 28 years in 1989.  Yet, incredibly, he was paroled in 2001, but could not stay out of trouble.  He was arrested a number of times for offences including theft and possession of drugs.

    Again, he could not keep on the straight and narrow, because 5 years later, in 2006, he was convicted of possession of a firearm, a serious offence for a convicted offender with two murders under his belt.  He received 15 years jail.  But his troubles multiplied when a cold case investigation was run by Police, and a DNA match proved that White was the killer of 22 year old Pamela Armstrong.  She was found raped and shot in the back of the head in an alley in June 1983.  This shortly predated the double murder.  Charged, White was convicted and again, given a death sentence.  The family of Pamela Armstrong rejoiced at the sentence.  Can you blame them?