Friday, 24 October 2014

Israel Keyes - Serial Killer

This is a name I have come across during research but have never delved into it, but now it turns out that Keyes was not just a serial killer but a motiveless killer.  Thankfully, this vermin decided to top himself after confessing to murdering Samantha Koenig, but before he could be brought to trial for a double murder.  He readily confessed to an additional five murders, though did not provide any names or specific details.  What he did, was to abduct Samantha from the Common Grounds Coffee Kiosk in Anchorage, on February 1st 2012.  He did rob the cash till but this was captured on cctv.  Samantha was found later dead in a lake, located north of Anchorage.  Keyes had Samantha`s debit cards and phone.  He tortured her to get the PIN number and used her phone to lay a false trail for Police.  Keyes travelled extensively, but was finally arrested in Lufkin, Texas.  He was charged with kidnapping and the death of Samantha.  Soon he was dropping hints about at least seven other murders.  He readily confessed to murdering Samantha.

    Now he was telling of a double murder he committed in Essex, Vermont in June 2011.  The victims were Bill and Lorraine Currier.  They were targeted by Keyes because he wanted absolutely no interference from children or dogs.  He wanted to kidnap and kill.  The Curriers were perfect, he decided, after staking their home out for three days.  Cutting their phone lines, he broke into the house armed with a gun.  They were in bed, so he tied them up with plastic ties he was carrying, and then forcing them into their own car, and driving them to a derelict farmhouse.  But moving them one at a time, gave them a chance to break their bonds but a fleeing Lorraine was caught and forced into the old house.  In the house, Bill was breaking free, but Keyes retaliated by beating him with a shovel but Bill kept resisting.  Keyes shot him dead.  He then went to Lorraine, raped her and then strangled her.  However, their bodies remain undiscovered.

    Keyes has told cops about four other murders in Washington State and one in New York State, but refused to give details.  There was an attempt by him to escape from court but he was tasered before he get near the doors by Deputies.  Keyes committed suicide in jail, which brought differing opinions on why.  Was it remorse?  No way!  He bragged that he liked killing, and that it was nothing.  He did not want to spend the rest of his life in jail?  Possibly.  Was it avoid a death sentence?  A good explanation in my view.  Remember all the strokes Bundy pulled in order to avoid the chair.  How Ridgway took a plea deal to avoid the needle.  Whatever the reason, at least he is not around to cause more untold suffering.