Saturday, 1 November 2014

Child Killer Saved From Death Sentence

In an unbelievably savage bout of jealousy, Richard McTear, 26, killed a baby infant.  Why????  Because the child`s mother had the bare faced audacity to leave him.  Despite an appalling history of domestic violence, a jury in Hillsborough County, Tampa, decided not to recommend the death penalty for this sick bastard.  It was in May 2009 that McTear attacked former girlfriend, 17 at the time.  Not content with violence - showing how much of a real man he was - he then snatched her three month old baby son and made off at high speed.  Getting on to Interstate 275, he kept up the high speed, and then he threw the infant out of the car!!!  Police quickly apprehended him and he was charged with first degree murder and kidnapping.

    As usual, his defence spun the crap - bad childhood, violence in the home, etc but this monster could really serve a purpose in prison because he was taking up religious training.  I wonder if what some people believe - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - would have been considered by his defence, when putting this forward.  To do what he did, you are beyond any redemption in my view.  My friend Melvin always says "The Chinese have got it right.  A bullet to the back of the head."  However, the Jury chose to be forgiving.  Did they think about the suffering of Jasmine Bedwell and her family?  Obviously not.