Monday, 15 June 2015

Pervert & Thief Locked Up

A reoccurring theme in court cases here in Bradford is that of sex crimes.  Perverts, groomers, sexual assault, the whole list!  The latest case is the jailing for eight years of Anthony Simpson.  He stole around half a million pounds from Hammonds Direct, a finance company located in the Little Germany district of the city.  The company went bust in 2009 and stored up a cash pot to pay all liabilities.  Unfortunately for the firm, Simpson, a chartered accountant, had access to this cash pot.  They were not to know that Simpson had a very serious addiction to cocaine, and a predisposition for women, in particular prostitutes, dressed as schoolgirls!  Simpson found himself being dismissed for very poor work, but then the firm discovered that he had withdrawn £107,500 in cash, had forged a number of cheques, and also carried out a number of internet transfers.  Hammonds brought in the Police.

    Police investigations revealed that he had used the money to rent an exclusive apartment in Leeds, and much money on an escort agency.  This totalled £107,000!!  He had used the rest of the money to fuel his chronic cocaine addiction, bought a house in Heckmondwike and paid for a young woman to have cosmetic surgery.  But whilst on bail, the Police caught him in the act of downloading child porn.  He had over 300,000 pornagraphic images of very young children.  And I mean very young!!!  He told the judge he did not know why he downloaded child porn and kept the images stored on computer.  Would it have something to do with a fetish for school uniforms?  He said he was attracted to adult women.  So what was it about adult women dressed as schoolgirls?  Getting pictures of children by-passes having to persuade women to dress as schoolies. Prostitutes will do what the client pays for, but ordinary women would think that he as a bit on the strange side.  Well, I think most would.  Plus, to me, any man who wants a woman to dress like that, has to have paedophilic tendencies.  Damn, there I go again with my trouble stirring guesswork!!