Sunday, 7 June 2015

Triple Killer Finally Gets His Just Desserts

How many times does somebody have to kill before the authorities decide to take a firm stance?  We have had a couple of cases where people stood in court facing a third charge of taking somebody's life.  Over here, you will have all the usual suspects spouting the usual load of bollocks about childhood, poverty, alienation and all kinds of excuses.  Yet, despite the extremely heavy sentences handed out stateside, there are cases where convicted killers do not serve much time.  Randy Gay was one of those people.  56 year old Gay was finally condemned for the murder of a girlfriend Connie Snow, 49,  in May 2011.  He drove to a worksite he previously worked at, a logging site, in Garland County, Arkansas.  They had an argument, and in return he shot her in the face with a shotgun!   In front of witnesses!  He wrapped her body in a plastic sheet, loaded it on to a truck and drove it away to Ouachita National Forest and dumped the body.  He was helped in putting the body into his truck by one of the witnesses.  Unsurprisingly, he was quickly arrested and charged.

    But what of Gay`s murderous past?  It was back in 1978 that Gay murdered his father-in-law with a shotgun.  He took a guilty plea in return for ten years.  Yet five years of this was suspended, and incredibly, he was released after nine months!!  He struck yet again in 1992, killing his father.  With what else but a shotgun.  This time he was sentenced to twenty years.  Yet again, the authorities set him free after less than half of his sentence.  Just eight years.  He was up in court again in 2008 for making "terroristic threats."  Three years later, he committed his third shotgun killing, but now authorities decided to wake up.  He was sentenced to death.  His lawyer pleaded with the jury not to nominate death, but if you keep killing people with firearms, how long can you expect to keep getting away with it?